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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Only 17 more days till Felicity Stripped Bare releases (July 8th), and I figure I'd try to stir-up some chatter. What better way to do that than a contest? (Yippee!!)

Here's the deal, I'm giving away two *e-book* copies of Felicity Stripped Bare, all I ask is that you post a review online once you've read it and send me the link so I can post it here.

If you don't have a blog/journal, I'll post the review here, unedited--so you can be completely honest, if you hated the book. I'll just have to suck it up, won't I? *g*

Oh, and it would help immensely, if the review were available around the time of release, say by the week ending July 19th. (If that's not possible, no worries.)

So how do you enter? Well the title of this post will give you a hint. If you come by my blog even semi-regularly, you know I'm verra fond of teh funny.

So tell your best knock-knock joke in the comments, and I'll do one of those random generator things to pick the winners. Names will be posted Monday morning.

And speaking of fun, here's a little excerpt I had posted over on the Samhain Yahoo loop last weekend. It's a scene where Daniel and Felicity at Home Depot:

They came to the selection of bathroom accessories and Daniel picked a box from the shelf.

“Master Stroke 2000, flexible spray nozzle, three-way adjustable head.” He paused, looking up with a decidedly wicked glint in his eyes. “How about it, you interested in a three way?”

“No thank you.” Blushing, she pointed to another model. “This one looks fine.”

He moved closer and the faint scent of citrus that emanated from him became stronger. “Hmmm…adjustable spray prohibits calcium buildup.” He shook his head, “Naw”, then his interest shifted to a different package. “Maybe…‘The Invigorator’?”

Bending forward he noted the various features. “‘You never dreamed water could do this before. Enjoy the total satisfaction of phenomenal power at work.’” He glanced at her and her nipples power-constricted into two tingling vortexes of phenomenal pleasure. Felicity mouth-breathed as Daniel continued,

“‘Your body will be revitalized by the warm, sensual, pulsating spray—’

“I don’t need my body revitalized. Just clean. Here, I’ll take this one.” She grabbed another model. It didn’t matter which one. Daniel didn’t even touch the box.

“‘Eco-friendly, low-flow ceramic valving’,” he read the specs off in a monotone. “Borrring.”

“Look, I like boring, and energy efficient and-and-”

“Liar. You don’t like boring. Not with that mouth.” The heat in his gaze barbecued her on the spot.

Before she could catch her breath he switched gears on her again, his mouth curling in mischief. “So you wouldn’t—” he looked down at the package he held, “‘—enjoy a deep, throbbing, fully satisfying massage to all the key areas of your body’?”

“Throbbing?” she sputtered, very aware of the parts of her that fit that description right now.

He raised his eyebrows innocently. “The head is extra large.”

“Okay, fine! I’ll take it!” Felicity shoved the package into his arms. He was obviously determined to continue along this vein.

As they went around to pick up a few other items, she found herself smiling. She liked his teasing, almost as much as she liked him intense and bent on seduction.

Although “like” seemed a wishy-washy way to describe what she felt when he focused his molten green gaze on her.

Her smile disappeared.

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raine said...

I LUV this excerpt!!
Verra nice. ;)

vanessa jaye said...

Knock knock
Who's there?



Thanks, Raine!

Sasha White said...

Love this story. Wonderful excerpt!

I must buy this on the release day, I know there've been changes since I read it. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, Sash, thank you! You know, I was chitchatting with a friend last night about writing, and how what you think is the best thing you ever wrote makes you cringe years later. The same thing happened with Felicity. I'm so glad that the one other publisher I submitted it too years ago didn't buy it then; it's a much better book now.

vanessa jaye said...

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow.
Interrupting Cow w-?

lol. That's my son's contribution to this contest. But he's disqualified because I know we'd both be squicked out at him reading lovescenes I've written.

Ivette said...

I'm not very good with jokes so I won't even attempt to write one. This contest you have going on is very interesting and I would like to be entered even though I didn't write a knock-knock joke. I do have a blog called Talk About My Favorite Authors where I give my reviews on books that I've read.

SarahL said...

ROFL - And you won't believe me, but I posted my crickets comment in the other thread before I read your post here.

I'll be picking up FSB anyway. Because this excerpt is one of the best I've read in a long time.

Doesn't matter how many times I read it, it makes me smile.

vanessa jaye said...

Sarah, I just saw that. lol. Aww, thank you. I really, really, hope you like FSB!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't know any Knock Knock jokes. Also, I don't think I could write a decent review to save my life. But, I Loved the excerpt so I think I'll be spending my money on your book :)


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