And we have a winner!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Phoebe/Ivette, won the week-end Knocking Up Some Word Of Mouth contest!

Of course she was the only commentor... beside my friends, myself and my son.

And she didn't actually post a knock-knock joke...


Congratulations, Phoebe/Ivette!!! Please contact me either through Romance Divas or at vanessajaye AT hotmail DOT com.

This is the thing about marketing your book, some things work (for some people), some don't. I'd actually try this again, but maybe with a few more books under my belt or as part of a chat.
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Ivette said...

I thought it was a fantastic idea! I won but even if I didn't I still this is a good way to get your book read and reviewed. I would enter any future contests like these if you had them.

vanessa jaye said...

Well, it's not my original idea; I've seen a number of authors run contests/book giveaways like this with varying degrees of success and thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not sure if I'd do this with my next book. (not sure my ego could take it. lol) But I'm not ruling it out, I'd just do a slightly different appoach--perhaps the knock-knock joke requirement wasn't the greatest idea... ;-)

I've sent the book to you, let me know if you have troubles opening the file!

SarahL said...

I think I spent too long trying to think up a knock knock joke.

I'm trying now and all I've got is...

:crickets chirping:

I think ivette is right, it is a good way to get your book read and reviewed it just didn't work this time.

vanessa jaye said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment. :-) Yeah, it's sunk in that the joke requirement probably wasn't a good idea. lol. Next time I'd post a longer excerpt then ask a question based on it.

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