Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm not a Mathew McConaughey fan. Speaking strictly in terms of looks, either his head is too big, or his torso's too long, or summin. dunno.

But dang, I think Imma bout to get the fevah every time I watch this commercial.

What's in them thar bottles ain't no perfume, y'all. It's the distilled pheromone-laden essence of dool of a thousand panting women after checking this man ouwwt. Luurve that smooth sexy strut. Hurt me baby and make it feel soo good! :-P~~~

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Dee Tenorio said...

THAT'S what it took? I can't quite remember what got me going about MM. I know what you mean about the "flaws", but he is so deliciously golden, I don't care. I decided I had to have him for sure in that upside down fight scene in "Sahara". That's called making love to a hot guy with a camera. Siiiiiiigh.

PS--ROFL @ Edna down below.

Sasha White said...

I fell for MM in A TIME TO KILL. There are times I'm not sure I'd actually want him for my own...but man I think the man is hot! ANd love this commercial. :)

vanessa jaye said...

I haven't seen him in anything, except the tabloids. heh. Buy mymymymymy, I might have to look up some of his films. (Especially the ones he takes his shirt off in.)

Dee Tenorio said...

I'm pretty sure that would be ALL his movies.

I suggest:

A Time To Kill, for the southern charm.

10 Days To Lose A Guy for the sense of humor.

Sahara cause it's just damn fun. (And Steve Zahn nearly steals the movie.)

Hide from Failure to Launch. It has Failure to Funny.


Gennita said...

His front never did much for me, but oh, man, his arse. His ASS. His Arse. The man knows how not to wear underwear.

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks for the list, Dee. *g*.

Gennita, I've seen him often on the tabloid blogs with nuttin but a pair of skimpy shorts, (he's in top physical shape fer sure). But he's never looked as appealing to me as he does in that suit. Love a goodlooking man in a well-cut suit. dang.

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