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Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm not a big fan of the online pile on critique thing. Even when it's on an agent/editor site. I think in many cases it brings out the worst in (and of) some peeps/commenters.

Sure, if 15 people point out the same thing in an excerpt, then that's something the author should take a closer look at.

But I shy away from saying 'change it' because:

A) the author might very well have a larger plan in place that can't possibly be addressed in a limited sample of writing.


B) if the author were to address all the commenters' queries/concerns/demands the result would be a chapter-long info dump. ugh.

Sometimes 15 peeps nit picking pointing out 20 things apiece (served up with some extra chunky I'm-the-authority fries swimming in lumpy snark sauce) is 13 peeps and 295 things too many. Especially when (for the most part) not one comment is a compliment, or points out something that was right or almost right.

Not saying you should coddle the writer(s), but, why--in some cases--the equivalent of a bitch slap fiesta? Surely the commenters can find a less-- I dunno... dismissive? condescending? ...way to phrase their opinions.

Remember that scene in Airplane, where everyone on the plane lines up to calm down that one hysterical passenger? (apprx 2:38 in the trailer) That's how some of these critiques come off.

I'm jes saying.


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raine said...

served up with some extra chunky I'm-the-authority fries swimming in lumpy snark sauce)

Very well put, lol.
Slam fest.
(and thanks for the memory--"Airplane" ROCKED!). :D

vanessa jaye said...

"Slam fest" is another good/apt term, Raine.

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, and Airplane is a classic. lol. Too many great moments/lines in it.

Gennita said...

I don't feel comfortable doing it so publicly, so unless it's something apparent, like "hey, how about switch these two paragraphs for more effective emphasis?", I'd leave the grammar pudding, voice soup, structure recipes, and other fine skills to the chefs ;-).

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