Quick Morning Catch Up

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I won't whine about work, but it's busy as usual. I can't tell the last time I took a lunch break. Yesterday, for instance, I made a sandwich and took it back to my desk to eat. No less than 3 people came into my office to discuss various files before I'd finished that sandwich (I had to keep taking bites while they spoke, because it was 2:30pm an I was starving). Then it was right back to the stack of files in my in-box.

But enough about the day job, I'm still writing the current wip out in long-hand during the morning commute and I got some writing in last night in bed before it was lights out. And in the evenings I'm working on the edits. I'm sorta waiting on word back from my editor on a couple of scenes, but things are bopping along.
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