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Monday, April 28, 2008

Got 5 pages (single spaced) done today. But it was all outline. I'm fine with that. Darn happy infact, now I have a clearer path re GMC of the characters, and a better idea of how the plot unfolds.

That outline might sounds pretty detailed, and in some ways it is, in others, not so much. I've got room to play, or change stuff around. Guesss I'm going to have to put a progress bar in the side bar soon.

I signed up for a mini nano with a group of writing buddies for the month of May. My word-count per day is ridiculously low (250) but i made my pledge during last week's madness at work, and I was lucky if I got that amount of writing done per day. Hopefully the outline will make a big difference with output regardless of workload. I'm really loving these characters, so far.

It's minutes to midnight and time to hit the hay.

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raine said...

250 words a day beats staring at the screen and mumbling, "Gawd, what am I doing?" all to hell.

vanessa jaye said...

Or blog surfing endlessly.

anne frasier said...

i can't believe dreadlocks is still around. i mean, WTF?

oops. off topic. :D

vanessa jaye said...

lol. no problem, Anne. But I thought the same thing. And I didn't even watch this week, except for 2mins when my kid was channel surfing, we caught the last bit of Jason's second song, and all of David Cooke's then changed the channel.

We caught some of the show last night during commercial breaks on another show. I particularly didn't care for the goofy smile he had when Brooke (who, yes, deserved to go) was barely holding it together. I really think Jason is along for the ride. I don't get that 'passion' from him that he really wants to be the American Idol, I think he enjoys singing and he's bemused he made it this far.

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