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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've been jumping from project to project, tweaking here, outlining there, writing a bit on something else, but I could never settle down to one thing because I couldn't really connect or get inside of the characters. A writer can always *tell* a story, and the more skilled you are, the more entertaining that story will be, and the less of a pain in the ass the crafting might be. But for me, I *think* I can tell when an author is really inside the characters' heads, the whole thing just 'clicks' on another level.

Or maybe it's because that's the way I write, I partly to write forward (the story/plot) but more importantly I think I try to write down (dig into the character). It might not show up on the page, I won't pretend to be that skilled (yet), but I'm trying. Where or not that digging shows on the page, it’s almost impossible for me to get anywhere with a story if I don’t have that ‘inside’ connection with the characters.

All this is a longwinded way of saying I caught the tail (finally) of a couple of characters (or maybe they caught me). I'd been struggling with the writing forward, when at some point I started writing down.

I'm hoping for 3 novellas that can be in a single author print anthology (at some point). We'll see. I’ve planned to write short before, and never been able to do it.

ETA: Once I settled on the wip, I wrote 4 pages between 9 pm and 11 pm last night. I didn't think it was anything to post about, but what the hell. Every little bit counts.

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vanessa jaye said...

I forgot what a pain in the patootie the first couple of chapters were for me. I'm not even sure I can quantify the progress made yesterday, there was some layering and cutting and a bit of forward movement. I've got one of those wallpaper psuedo "historical feel" settings. I wanted to do something steam-punkish by adding in electricity, but I've already got magic in there. So the electricity might have to go. Have no clue what the country is, all though.... I could make it the same 'world' as the lost, just anothe country. We'll see. Probably not.

Also, I picked Amie's brain clean last week and fully intended to start work on the new wordpress site, but I felt the writing was more important.

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