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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ETA: This is a stream-of-conciousness post written as I watched the show.

David A – Picked the right song. Sung beautifully, but I wasn’t blown away with *his version*. Having said that, he’s safe. (btw, David’s little squinty eyes staring into the camera soulfully thing is beginning to bug.)

Wow, Mariah is going to lip-sync and move her arms will standing still ‘perform’ live tomorrow.

Carly sang “Can’t Live” ::I’m anticipating her scowl.:: Yep, she’s looking mighty angry. Sung well. Boring.

(I think the word you’re looking for is ‘pitchy’, Randy.)
(Ds was talking while Paula was not making sense, so I missed her nonsense.)

Syesah– Is she gonna sing ‘Hero’? It’s commercial break. We’ll see. Probably not because she likes to do those songs that make her stretch and strain.

Syesha, did s’arite. She hit the notes. But, I don’t recognize the song.

(Paula, ds said to stop kissing ass. I’ll keep it simple: Just. Stop.)

Did Mariah ever sing anything with ‘god’ or ‘America’ in it? That’s my bet for Kristy’s choice tonight.

Oh, Brooke is up!

(From Ds: god, she’s going to shoot moonbeams at us now. )
(From Jaye: Brooke doesn’t believe in guns son, she’ll gentle lob those moonbeams.)

This performance isn’t going to save her from being put on the chopping block tomorrow night. Boring Bad. Pitchy. Flat. Uninspired.

(Paula: Every ounce of you is identifiable to who you are, and it’s a beautiful thing.)
(Simon: It was a bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun.)
(Randy: No, I think the meat was in the bun, but there was no ketchup.)
(Jaye: No, it was unidentifiable mystery meat with overcooked veggies on the side.)

Kristy Lee: “I can’t believe I gave Mariah goose-bumps”
(Jaye: I can’t believe it either.)
(Ds: More like puke bumps.)
(Narrator: Yeah, we’re real mature here at Casa del Jaye )

I want to hate-- ::eyeballing big glass of Haterade, with extra slices of lime and a pinch of salt:: --but Kristy’s actually not doing a bad job. *sob*

(Simon: Really? You didn’t give me chills. (response to Kristy’s claim she gave Mariah chills). (Jaye: Simon may I suckle your man-titty? I think I love you for that reply. Here, have a mug of haterade.))

David Cook sang Always Be My Baby. I’ll give him props for trying to do something new/different. I think this version would grow on me if I heard it a couple of times on the radio. In fact, it’s already grown on me. I am the oak and he is the vine. He also belted out a couple of nice notes there too, not ‘rock star’ screeching, he hit those notes true and strong. So, this is my favorite performance of the night. Hands down.

(Randy: You’re ready to make an album, dude.)
(Jaye: Word.)

Hahahahaa. Ds just called Jason ‘Suburban Rasta’. Lolololol!

Hey. Jason is surprising me. Where's the crunchy granola goodness, Jason? Where’s the guitar? I’m liking this jazzy, groovy version. I think this was my favorite performance of Jason's for the entire competition.

Simon’s right, the guys were the winners for the night.

My call for who gets the nom for the boot tomorrow night:

1. Brooke (pretty sure she’s going)
2. Kristy (slippery little devil aren’t you?)
3. Either Syesha or Carly.

I am soooo buying David Cook’s CD when it drops.

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Krista said...

I think David Cook was amazing!

And although I love Brooke's sun-shiny attitude, I think she's in real danger this week.

vanessa jaye said...

Krista, unless Brooke pulls a *Kristy Lee* I'm pretty sure she'll be taking the Rainbow Express home.

rose said...



Dee Tenorio said...

WTH? You don't know "Vanishing"??? OMG! Heretic!!!


anne said...

david cook should win the whole thing, but i hope he doesn't turn out to be an egotistical asshole. he comes across as being cool and sweet, but i think there might be a giant ego lurking behind that cute face.

vanessa jaye said...

Honest to god, Dee, if they hadn't told me beforehand that that was a Mimi song, I'd would have never guess. :-P

And there's the rub, Anne. I think Simon already detects hidden assholic depths in David and that's why he's always harping on him about coming across as too smug sometimes. We can only wait and see. No matter what the outcome of this 'contest' he's pretty much guaranteed a recording contract at this point.

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