Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm inputting the paper edits (which i finally finished yesterday) into the mss document today. Between my insomnia and work load later, life as been a b!tch. Yeah, I managed to watch post about American Idol, but how intellectually demanding was that? Exactly.

I am looking forward to fully working full steam ahead on another ms, and I really had figure out what to do about this blog specifically (and being online in general). Being online is a time sux, but I think it's necessary to have an online presence, and besides I enjoy it (when it's not feeling like a slog/time sux). But more on that later.
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Gennita said...

You're only allowed to come out on Tuesday and Weds night at 8pm. And no Dr. House for you.

raine said...

{{{Hugs}}} on the work issues, and especially on the insomnia. Been there, it's a b!tch.
Take care, hon!

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