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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aisha - Sang Whitney's "Dance With Somebody" - Girl it sounded like you were almost catching your breath at certain points. Maybe Simon is right that you're a twee bit ambitious in your song choices. But I think you're safe. At least you avoided the dreaded Flop Sweat of that seems to plague first singer up.

Kady - Song from Highlander? Queen's "Who Wants To Live Forever?" Not digging this version. It's lacking that emotional draw. See here. But her voice was true.

ESL Paula just said summin. dunno.

DS on Simon and Ryan: Why is he such a pr*ck to him? dunno.

Amanda: "I Hate Myself For Loving You". (Hmm... can I admit that I hate myself feel ambivilent about me hating your hair?)

She's toned down the raspy Janis Joplin impression this week. Not bad, but I sincerely doubt she's going to much further than 10 ten if she manages to survive this week, after being nominated 2 weeks in the role.

Paula says: You're face is beautiful. I like your hair.



I tell ya, I'm waiting for the "You have a nice smile and a great personality." comment. You know it's coming. Stay tuned.

Carly - Very strong performance of Celine’s "I Drove All Night". Rock Solid. Nothing more to be said.

Paula says: You are like a dependable dog, er, dawg. And by the way you’re singing.



Kristy Lee - What’s This Boring Song? No that’s not the title, but it could be. Something by Journey. I think the most entertaining thing about this performance is hearing what Paula has to say.

Paula says: You look great tonight and I have nothing but positivity.


But Paula does have a point I can see this as a boring assed country hit. I can see her in some abandoned barn looking over the fields in the video.

Simon Crusher of Dreams, Slayer of Ambitions, Hater Creator: ‘You’re forgettable’. Ouch!

Ramiele - Nice choice , Phil Collin’s "Against All Odds". Very Good performance.

Paulalalalalalalala sez: You have such a beautiful face. You have a lot of texture.

But Simon has a point, it’s missing the wow factor.

Brooke White – I like this acoustic version of "Love Is A Battlefield". I like that she’s sitting down making this feel really like a unique performance. Another solid performance for the night.

S’yeshia: Whitney’s "Saving All My Love For You". Not really feeling this version. Hits the notes, just not getting me exciting.

Safe: Brooke, Carly, Aisha

Meh/iffy: Ramiele. ( nothing special ). S’yeshia ( S’arite ).

Possible recipients for a one-way ticket to Sux City, population: You. :

1. Amanda (they nominated her 2 wks running, what are the chances she escapes being nominated again?)

2. Kady and Kristy because their performances were boring.

**My thoughts on the guys is in the comments of the post on David H being a stripper below.
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LASR Admin - Romance Reviews said...

I don't LIKE Amanda. I don't know why. And I don't LIKE Ramalie. Again... can't put my finger on it. I love Brooke and Asia (I'm too lazy to find out the right spelling, sorry, LOL).

Now I need to go see what you said about the guys!

vanessa jaye said...

Amanda's hair bugs me. lol. That's the only think I can put my finger on. I know it's stupid, but there it is. Ramalie is a cutie, but she hasn't fulfilled her promise. When I first heard her, she blew me away--such a tiny girl, with such a big voice. She hasn't blown me away since.

Gennita said...

You can't sing Whitney and hope to get Simon's approval. I like them both but they are interchangeable to me, so either Asia or Seyesha gets the boot (they divide the votes of being who like their kind of voice)

Country girl is going, I think. The end of her JOURNEY.


Meanie Me

vanessa jaye said...

Gennita, Don't stop believing. ;) heh.

About that guy from last season. His "performance"? Thank god for the mute button is all I'm sayin.

I'm giving it more thought. Amanda might make it through because she wasn't bad last week, and Kady and Kristy were so dang boring.

I'll be back.

Gennita said...

I FORGOT KADY THE BRITNEY ROBOT! She sang a "goodbye" song. Which means she's automatically out. My bad.

Gennita said...

Be Bob Boy? Oh come on, he was delightfully dull. I enjoy delightfully dull over screechy oversinging.

Gennita said...

Someone tie Paula up. Please. Heh.

vanessa jaye said...

Someone tie Paula up. Please. Heh.

And gag her. Don't forget the gag.


OMG Amanda made it!!!



2nd rate Whitney is worse than Forgetable?

And Amanda made it through?

I am gobsmacked. srsly.

Paula STFU Already! For the love of all that is good and holy. Get someone to dub your speeches. Please.

really shocked.

Luke I wasn't surprised about.

Booyah! Danny is G.O.N.E! Sorry, Danny, you were just TMTH for me.

Gennita said...

Heh, I told you the Whitneys get their votes split. Amanda will go through after Simon declared her the best of lot ;-).

I knew boygroup boy will go. I wanted Danny to stay to entertain me for a few more weeks, preferring for Stripper Boy to go instead, but SB sang a little better during the competition.

Now we have no one to growl at!

vanessa jaye said...

You were right on the Whitneys, Gennita, but Aisha instead of Kristy or Amanda? Does not compute.

Amanda has no range. She has 'loud rocker chick', 'louder rocker chick', and 'Oh My God I've Stripped My Vocal Chords from yowling so hard'.

And Simon's right, Kristy is forgetable.

Danny was just waaaay too campy, mugging to the camera, etc, for my good use.

Sasha White said...

I tell ya, I'm waiting for the "You have a nice smile and a great personality." comment. You know it's coming. Stay tuned.


I missed this weeks show, but I'm not heartbroken over it. I'll start watching more next week. I swear, you two should find a way to do your act as a podcast.

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