Clarification On Yesterday's Writing Ramble.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Just because I got a number of emails off-line from serval people. My ramble/rant had NOTHING to do with my edits. Those are straightfoward. I only mentioned them because they were part of my 'writing progress', and also because there was a point of reference there about how poor word choice can either throw a reader off, or stand out akwardly, when as a writer you want the complete opposite.
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Amie Stuart said...

aw hon...I know you were just being thoughtful =)

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, it wasn't just you, there were 4 other people who emailed me. They were mostly along the lines of don't sweat it, just do what the editor asks, or I've had similar requests from editors/agents, do what feels right.

I love my friends. And very thankful/grateful that took the time to reach out a hand of friendship.

But... well, my editor specifically said she was surfing around the internet a bit and came by my blog and thought the timing was right to get me moving on these edits. I'd just hate for **her to be cruising by again and maybe get the wrong impression from my posts. :-P

**Her, or an agent I'm interested in contacting, or an editor at another house who might find an ms of mine cross their desk at some point, etc. You just never know. :-/

And... the comment about another editor in no way infers that I'm unhappy with Samhain and looking to move. Many authors write for several imprints.

(Boy trying to your ass on line becomes more challenging every day. *g*)

I blame Gennita. Because I can. heh.

Amie Stuart said...

hehehe!!!! all that crawdaddin' can wear a person out

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