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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jason "Crazy Hair" Yaegar is gone,gone,gone.

Amanda "Crazy Hair" Overmyer stays.

Why, why, why, didn't Alexandria Lushington sing that song that way last night? Tonight's version was miles and away better than that rice pudding blah rendition she did on yesterday's show.

She wouldn't be on her way home now, if she had.

Alaina, Alaina, Alaina. *sigh* Why did they sic empty mushy-mouthed platitudes from Paula on you?

Sorry, hon, it was painful to watch how hard you took this. But props to you for singing when your heart was so obviously breaking. :-/

(Once again.... I hate to point out that *here* was the emotion you *should have* put into the song last night.)

Hmm... on commercial break now. I wonder which guy is going to get cut. Carrico?

Called it. AdiĆ³s! We'll miss the rockin hardcore T-shirt 'n kerchief coordinates, dude.

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Gennita said...

Idol Rule #455: Do not sing song that will ironically become your stage epitaph.

Idol Rule #222: Wearing a wig and putting a kerchief over it and putting on a leather wrist band and jean chain AND holding a mike stand do not make you a real rocker.

Bwahahaha. Yes, I'm heartless. I'll now say it with Simon's very British matter-of-factness: "So-rry!"

vanessa jaye said...

"Bwahahaha. Yes, I'm heartless."

And funny as hell.

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