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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I’m reading this book that’s been foisted recommended to me by a friend/coworker. I’ve recommended many books to her with great success. She doesn’t like romance so I’ve steered clear of those, but I have turned her (and her hubby) on to many authors-- J.A. Konrath, Alexander McCall, Harlen Corben, and Denise Hamilton. She loved the Sara Gran book, and The Shoe Queen, and the Steve Niles books (Savage Membrane and 30 Days of Night), just as much as I did. Really there’s been too many suggestions that worked out for her & hubby, for me to recount.

Soooo….. she decided to return the favour. I’ve been able to dodge the bullet up till now because she gets most of her books from the library. She’d suggest; I’d say, ‘wow that sounds interesting!’ (and they did, but…), then I‘d say something non-committal about checking said book out.

But now she’s nailed me (sneaky devil). She bought the book! Read it! Recommended It!! Then brought the freakin thing into work to loan me! *sob*

This is a highly respected author, of several highly respected, well received/well review and award winning books (does it sound like I’m yawning whining? Cause I am).

The author writes well. Very well.

I just can’t seem to care.

But I’ll forge through this book if it kills me. ::looks longingly at skanky sex filled romance in to-be-read pile of books on bedside table:: *sob*

Luckily I haven’t run into her at the office yet….

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Shesawriter said...

I've been yawning a lot myself lately. I'd say four of the books I've tried to read ended up unfinished. Nothing is really drawing me in lately. Maybe it's my attention span.

vanessa jaye said...

I only wish I could put this one down! I decided that since I can't enjoy the book I normally would, I'm going to read it as a lesson. If I can't be drawn by the story, I'll be drawn by the writing.

We'll see how well that works out!

Amie Stuart said...

My DNF from last week was also well received/well reviewed. I was shocked and appalled. And pulled a Vanessa Jaye and sent it back to

Amie Stuart said...

PS I got the Shoe Queen at nationals. Is it realy any good?

vanessa jaye said...

"pulled a Vanessa Jaye and sent it back to"


But Gotdammit, them der books are expensive! It huuuuuuuurrrrts to keep a dnf. (and it's not like I read to the second last chapter before realizing it's a dnf)

I really enjoyed The Shoe Queen. The protagonist stayed with me. It's not a romance, so you *know* what happens to the romance as portrayed in the book. Still I felt the heroine was stronger and well on her way to being her own woman and finding happiness. I also thought the author did a bang up job with the setting and 'feel' of 1920s Paris. Really one of my favourite reads of last year.

vanessa jaye said...

btw, I decided honestly is probably the best policy here. The book she loaned me is by her favourite author, so if I say I like it, she'll probably heap the backlist on me. lol. I'll read until chapter 3, just to be polite, and just in case the book does grab me. Then I'll return it and be truthful, it just didn't work for me.

Life is too short. yanno?

Gennita said...

So, what happened? Did she give you da look? ;-)

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I have the book Gennita, I've had it for about 2 weeks now. I've already read another book, started a couple others that didn't work for me, and started yet another (which I think will be a keeper). I'm 1/2 through chapter 2 on her loaner. :-/

Amie Stuart said...

Yes they ARE expensive and they aren't discounting PB's anymore becuase of Kindle--evil empire in the making

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, that's totally unfair about not discounting anymore because of the Kindle. Aren't they already charging the same damn price point for the ebook as they do for the mm paperback? Nevermind all the proprietory crap on the ebook.

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