Peter Frampton Rocks.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just had to say that.

I'm dating myself, I know but I remember having a black T with white silhouette of Pete that I wore over my bathing-suite to go down to the Parks & Rec community swimming pool in the summer. His music brings back good memories of running through those icy cold showers and jumping feet first into the pool before the shock wore off. Playing Marco Polo or diving for stones. Swimming widths, and daring to go into the deep end where all the cute guys were. Baking yourself to a crisp and comparing how much darker you'd gotten than at the start of summer, while surreptitiously checking to see if the boys were watching. (We were just understanding, in the most innocent way, the power of being female). Then afterwards, after the swimming, eating ice cream or sunflower seeds while chilling on a park bench--which we'd never sit on properly, but always on top of the hard edge of the back with our feet on the seats, till it was time to go home for supper.

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to Q107 and they played Baby I Love Your Way. It brought back all those memories, and I felt the happiness again of being that kid basking in the sun with her friends. The dripping ice cream that you licked off your fingers, the salty sunflower seeds and the satisfying crack of the shells between your teeth, the sharp fresh scent of chlorine water. The lean strong legs. The budding. The confidence. The inocence. All on the cusp of something more...

Later that day I scooched downstairs on my lunch break and bought one of his greatest hits albums. I've been listening to it daily.

It's pretty good as background music while reading/critting chapters for a writing buddy as well.

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Anonymous said...

Baby I Love Your Way! Wow, that does bring back memories. But, mine would from a later age. In 1976, I would be lsitening to tunes like "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers in a 73 Chevy Nova with a 396 V8. Gas was only about 79 cents a gallon and Rocky was the big movie.

P.S. I elected not to comment on your "bed post." This is a much safer topic.

vanessa jaye said...

I loved The Bay City Rollers! I had their posters plastered all over my bedroom wall (along with Leif Erikson and Shaun Cassidy, etc. lol) I even had a pair of tartan cuffed short shorts, that I wore around with my dr. scholls and tube top. oh my. :-P lol.

LOL on the bed post. --and just to be safe, that's all I'm gonna say. ;)

raine said...

I'm going to totally avoid the age issue (lol!), but would certainly agree.
Frampton rocks.

And the feeling of youth, sun, swimming, and summer--nailed it.
Maybe you should consider being a writer? :)

Amie Stuart said...

OMG have you seen the Geico commercial??? I fangirl squee every time it comes on!

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you Raine!

Amie, we haven't been watching regular tv for about a month now, the kid keeps playing dvd. Aside from a ton of movies, we've watched the entire series of Angel, OZ, and now we're watching X-Files in anticipation of the movie's release this summer.

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