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Monday, January 28, 2008

It started off badly. I've been suffering from insomnia for the past 3-4 weeks. I don't fall asleep till 12ish, then suddnely wake up between 3am-4am. Every single night. I do get back to a fitful sleep for the next 2 hrs, but the damage has already been done. Last night I didn't fall asleep till after 1am. Still woke up at 3:45am, etc. I'm bloody exhausted. No it has nothing to do with the bed. *g*, this was happening with the old mattress, at least now I don't wake up all achey.

I left the house late, only to find out the subway is running late (again). The one bright thing about that whole episode was that there was this chick squashed up beside me on the platform, and I couldn't stop eyeballing her laptop. lol.

It was bright white, and not much bigger than a trade paperback, seriously. I was in major drool mode. I took advantage of our proximitely to question her in depth about it. This is it:

See? I wasn't kidding about the size. That 'hand' is not photo-shopped in that pic. Sweet. Here's the link to the specs. It runs on Linux but is XP compatible. I like that I can have a close to normal screen rather than the dim LCD screen that only shows a line or two on the Quickpad. But the keyboard on this baby doesn't look full sized, and the price tag. *gulp* I'll put it on a wish list.

And speaking of the Quickpad got some writing done on my lunch, not much cause my brain is mush, but I think I *got* Odile's voice/syntax down. It also feels like the story will move forward if I stick to the Quickpad and not try to write on the PC.

Ds is grumpy as hell because he waited until the weekend to start a paper that's due on Wednesday. I don't know how many time's I've told him not to sit on stuff like that, get it started, rough outline at least right away. From experience I know (and he should too) that these things have a way of taking waaaaay more time than you expected. You can never find the research, or nail down your thesis, etc. So ofcourse it's all slamming and banging, and dropping stugg, and all pouting and stomping about, and muttering/swearing under breath. And then he wants to bounce stuff off of me, but he might as well be bouncing stuff off of mud, cause, did I mention about my exhaustion? And the fact that I drank coffee to counteract the exhaustion, but all that did was mostly make me jumpy? *sigh*
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