6 Random Things About Me Meme

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gennita tagged me for this.

1. I can't cross my eyes for beans. And I've been trying since I was in grade 3.

2. I truly believe there's a ghost in our house. We're only one street over from the cemetary, so makes sense. He seems harmless, but I still wish he'd get his ass on out of here. (I saw my first ghost as a child.)

3. I once hopped a barbwire fence and made it over with no scratches.

4. I "taste" words. But I already mentioned this here.

5. I sleep on the left side of the bed, even when sleeping alone. I hate sleeping on the right and rarely sleep in the center. (I'm left-handed, btw)

6. Many, many, moons ago I was a smoker. Rothman's and Export A's. I'd like to say 'unfiltered', or that I rolled my own, then show you the hairs on my chest, but of some things a veil should be drawn across and nevermore of them speak.... 20 yrs later I'm close to being that creature I so despised back then: a rabid anti-smoker.
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raine said...

(I saw my first ghost as a child.)

A story you must tell someday, hmmm?

...a rabid anti-smoker.

That seems to happen to a lot of people. (Raine, tucking her ciggies away...)

vanessa jaye said...

You know there's a second part the ghost story that my grandmother told. I don't think she realized I'd seen 'the man', but I over heard her telling someone something about that night and apparent a neighbour who had recently died. Don't think she knew I 'remembered' or even that I over her telling the story. I wished I had committed the details (of her version) to memory, she's gone now, but I did remember hving that overwhelming *phew* because how sure can you be about something 'odd' that happens to you as a child.

As for the 'rabid ant-smoker' lol. I'm not there, yet. But I do find it seems to bug me more as time goes by. :-/

And here I thought folks would be wondering 'why were you hopping a barb-wire fence?' heh.

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