Exciting News (and some of it boring and cheap)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ya noticed I tweaked with the blog a bit? I like the wider main column. I’m still looking into launching a website, but the prices, Oy! Think I might have to do a (free) wordpress site/blog, download. But I’m still going to have to get someone to customize the theme.

Exciting news (but only to me)

Yesterday I bought a new mattress/box spring set, which'll be delivered on Friday. ::limbo limbo:: My current mattress/box is out to cripple me. I got it 12 years ago on sale. A real steal. Saw the ad in the Sunday funnies…. (what? It was an all color ad. And they were going out of business fer cryin out loud).

So yeah, it proved to be cheap in more ways than one. heh

I presently have a blanket folded between the mattress and box-spring to shore up the middle-of-the-bed sag. And when the lumps got to be too much ago a year ago, I bought one of those memory foam pads (not the Tempura brand, some cheap (see a pattern here?) generic brand), which felt like heaven, but stunk like devil’s day old foot juice. I kept having to drag it out to the balcony for airing. Eventually the chemical smell went away, but I was still feeling woozy when I woke up. The peice of crap thing was emitting odorless fumes. So the mattress was trying to cripple me and the mattress pad was trying to poison me.

And they say sleep is key to health.

Yeah. So. In to the garbage it went. And I’ve been sleeping on lumps ever since.

The new sleep-set was on sale, but not cheap this time! Sealy Posturepedic pillow-top babeee! Also got some brand new sheets because the new mattress set needs the 17”-18” deep pockets for the fitted sheets, and new pillows, and duvet cover and shams… ::coughcough:: This time next week, no more aching back. Yippee!

And now the exciting news, as it pertains to you. Heh. The Southern Fried Chicas are launching a new year-long guest-blogger series on Wednesdays (except for the first Wed of the month—that’s my day for blogging.) with authors talking about the inspiration behind their latest or upcoming release. We’ve got a fantastic line up, with a good cross-reference of various genres. I don’t even think we asked half the authors we wanted to, we just started sending emails out, thinking most of them wouldn’t reply. Boy were we wrong! Within 2 days half the slots were gone and we had more unanswered emails out than we had slots available. We took a time out on the invites at that point. If you want to get a peek of some of the authors in the line up go on over and read Cece’s post today. They’ll be a intro posted for the next guest blogger every Sunday from now on.
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raine said...

Congrats hon, on the new purchase!
I need a new one too--badly.
I'd really like to get the Therapedic, but I think I'd have to sell a kidney or something to afford it. :-/

Shesawriter said...

Considering my bad back, I think I may need to consider one of those Sleep Number thingies since DH and I have different bed preferences. I need a firmer mattress to support my back, but he's just fine with the super soft mattress we have now.

Kat said...

Let me know if you need/want some help. I have my AA in WD now.

Congrats on the new mattress!

Dee Tenorio said...

Major congrats on the new mattress! But I bought one of those cheapy pads for the boy last year and the packaging said right off you had to air it out for two days before sleeping on it. So I know what you mean about those fumes. Totally NOT odorless, lol. Didn't know about the dizzies afterwards. That explains a lot about why the kid didn't want to sleep on his bed for a month...


Anonymous said...

A good decision considerimg you spend a third of your life on a mattress.


vanessa jaye said...

Raine, I won't claim this new set is top of the line, but it's a respectable entry. *g*. Like I said elsewhere I had to save up for the year. I guess it was my (belated) Xmas gift to me.

Tanya, those sleep by number things would be perfect for those certain times in the month when you want more or less support. :-P

vanessa jaye said...

lol. Kat, I think I was >thisclose< to emailing you at some point. but i didn't think it would be fair. I just might take you up on that offer though. I'm still mulling things over and got a few outstanind emails out there. (Good) Website designers are in great demand and thin on the ground

vanessa jaye said...

Deedle, I did air it out. But the darn odour would return. I'd smell nothing for a couple of weeks, then be taunted by the faintest whiff. lol. Nevermind the woozy/headachey feeling. I know it sounds like crazy talk, but formaldehyde for instance is ordourless... After a year of dealing with it, I just called the damn thing George and parted ways.

Dude, I pointed out the same thing to my bestfriend. You spend more time sleeping than at work (taking weekends, holidays, etc into account). Only makes sense to be as comfortable as possible.

Kat said...

No worries on fair. Just let me know. I've had a whole almost month off school and I'm afraid they'll laugh at me when I back on the 22nd. Well, not really but if you want, lemme know.

Gennita said...

Not fair! You got the blog pic on top to grow too. I have been trying to do that (and the bottom) for days and haven't found the coding to eliminate some kind of size-memory going on in my blog. Wah.

vanessa jaye said...

The pic doesn't completely fill out the box, Gennita, I had to change the background to black which blended in with the black portion of the pic. Oh, and I changed the orientation of the pic to 'align right'.

vanessa jaye said...

Kat, let me think about it. I was going for the whole sheebang, design, hosting and maintenance (although I'm not afraid to fiddling with coding for minor changes/upgrades). I'm on my way to work, but I'll email you on the weekend.

frank said...

I own a Memory Foam Mattress and it’s wonderful! Best bed ever! I have a lot of sleeping problems and it solves all but my girlfriend’s snoring! I think the government should pay for everyone to have Memory Foam Mattresses!

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