The Boys Are Back In Town!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guess who just got back today,
Them wild-eyed boys that'd been away,
Havent changed, had much to say,
But man, I still think them cats are crazy.
They were askin if you were around,
How you was, where you could be found.
Told them you were livin downtown,
Drivin all the old men crazy.

The boys are back in town
The boys are back in town.
The boys are back in town-own-own-own.
The boys are back in town

New Episode of SUPERNATURAL on tonight Baybeeeee!!! WoOT!! I haven't seen a new episode in months and this was pretty much the only show I made an effort to watch. Dayum I love Dean's smart-assed mouth.

(Damn I love Dean's ass.... and mouth. heh.)

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vanessa jaye said...

Did anyone else watch? It was the witch one, where the wife is brushing her teeth in one of the opening scenes.

The writing is so tight on this show. The characterization and plotting for the larger series arc seriously Kicks. Ass.

Love this show.

Amie Stuart said...

MEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEEEE I DID! LOL It was GREAT!!!!!! I have to say I loved the end best with Dean and the demon talking. BTW I'm such a geek I named two secondary characters in MUS after Sam and Dean *blush*

vanessa jaye said...

*phew!* I'm thinking da hell?!? No one was excited about the first new epi since November?!?!? Anyone? Bueller? lol.

I loved that last scene. The writing is amazingly strong in this series. The tension and plot points/points of conflict just keep building and building.

So, aside from the witch coven things, the screws are being tightened on Dean. He's finally realizing that he'll be leaving Sam alone to face these demons (it's like he thought, once he was gone, everything would be fine.) He's seeing that his little bro who it was *his* job to protect, is now turning into him. And I suspect that there's a lot about himself that Dean does not like. Lastly, the fact that he will eventually turn in the thing he most despises, a demon! And then she tells him he can't be saved!

I don't know if I trust her on that, she's a demon, she has an ulterior motive that we still aren't too clear on, and if we believe what she's said to Dean that he can't be saved, then she lied to Same. Which means she's liar. So she could actually have told the truth the Sam and the lie to Dean. Am I making any sense?

And the gun that she 'fixed' yet doesn't A) work against her or B) against certain other demons.

There's only 3 more finished episodes in the can, then the series is over, if the writer's strike hasn't been resolved. But DS sent me a link to spoilers. Apparently the last episode is a riff on District13 with that FBI Agent, Hendriksen catching up to the boys and putting them in lockdown in some small town sherrif's office, and some bodysnatching demons who want in.


Hey, Amie, I'm sure these two have inspired a lot of heroes in a lot of books. ;-)

Amie Stuart said...

leaving Sam alone to face these demons And leaving Sam alone to face his own demons.

You're right, Ruby is a liar. The one thing that struck me, and It could be me trying to be hopeful, was Ruby saying she'd maintained some of her humanity--and maybe alluding to the fact that Dean could retain his?!

Yes, you make sense. Maybe Dean is more manipulate-able/controllable if he believes there's no hope and Ruby can get whatever it is that she wants?

I've never seen District13 so I have no idea *sigh*. Nice to know we have a few more episodes to look for.

vanessa jaye said...

"Ruby saying she'd maintained some of her humanity--and maybe alluding to the fact that Dean could retain his?!"

I thought about this. And wasn't there an episode where they showed that not all demons were purely evil/wanted the war? The details are fuzzy now, but the writers are so good with layering in stuff in drips and drabs and layering, that sometimes all you can remember is 'possibility presented'. If you go to IMDB (or Wikipedia) you'll get the quick and dirty on District13 (or is it Precinct 13? *g*)

There's also an upcoming episode where the brothers face Jason Vorhees. lol.

Amie Stuart said...


I'll have to IMDB

You're so right about the writers. i can see it but at the same time I really enjoy the show so honestly, I try to not think too hard about it

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I don't notice the writing till after the show is over, but then you realize just how freakin clever those writers are, braiding in plot point for the bigger story arch, strand by strand.

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