Morning conversation in the Jaye Household

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We had a couple of guys in this morning (8:22am to be exact!! 40 minutes earlier than they should have shown and about 10 mins after I stepped out of the shower). They were here to clean the ducts/vents/furnance. One of the guys is totally into comic books, so he and my son kept the patter up about various story arcs, super heroes, etc.

After they leave, boychuk looks around for another hapless victim (namely, me) to continue on the comic book/cartoon/superhero based movies/tv discussion. At some point we're talking about Smallville and the whole Supergirl subplot and likelihood that she's been manipulated by Zor-El--Jor-El's brother, who is Supes (Kal-El's) dad *sigh*:

Son: What type of parents name their kids, Zor-El and Jor-El?

Me: (putting some real elbow grease into Windexing the patio doors) The same type of people who name their kids Dijionay and Tafreaka.

Son: So you're saying Superman's ghetto.

Me: Yep, prettymuch. ::stands back to admire sunlight streaming through now sparkly glass::.

btw, before anyone starts getting their pc knickers in a twist, this is a biracial/minority household. Besides, he said it, not me. :-P (we're also fairly immature around here too.)
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raine said...

Son: So you're saying Superman's ghetto.

Me: Yep, prettymuch.

Oh, thank you, that made my day.
LMAO! :-d

Amie Stuart said...

heheheeeeeeeeeeeee htat's PRICELESS

vanessa jaye said...

Gotta say, the boy and I do have fun in here. I probably should post more of our exchanges, but if you take this one and remember the one with the 'he doesn't look very Jesusy' comment re the Easter procession, then you'll understand why I don't. These were the safe ones I *could* post. lol. We get pretty un-PC in here. ;)

Dee Tenorio said...

Oh honey, leave PC behind! LOL!

I'm SOOO reading this to my hubby! LOL!


Shesawriter said...

My daughters said the same thing about three months ago. I never really thought about it until they mentioned it. LOL!

Amie Stuart said...

You do realize of course that that means we WANT more conversations from the Jaye household. HOnestly, that sounds like a conversation that I'd have with #2 son.

vanessa jaye said...

Considering how thin on the ground my posts have been lately, I might just resort to using ds's bon dits for blog fodder.

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