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Monday, October 08, 2007

Yesterday was fab. We're up to our eyeballs in leftovers, and I didn't even try all the dishes. For instance, there's an apple pie in the kitchen with my name on it. ;-)

And speaking of yesterday.... What the hell is up with telemarketers? No, I'm not talking about calling up my line (more on that in a minute) I mean some ediot came up to my door and rang the bell in the middle of Thanksgiving freakin afternoon, when any fool would know that peeps are working up a sweat in the kitchen all burners go and the oven on since morning.??!! What the hell do you think you are selling I'd be interested in on Thanksgiving freakin Day? Get. To. Steppin'.

Telemarketing has really crossed the line. There's plans for a national registry that you can put your name on so they don't call you (not sure it will have any affect on the doorbell ringers) but it's not in effect yet. Believe me, I checked. Did I mention the auto-f*kn-dialer that rings my damn phone several mornings (7am) a week? And They call as late as 7:30pm or later. Once one phoned at minutes to 9pm. I very calmly interrupted his spiel and asked if he realized what time it was? I told him the time. I think he heard the suppressed ticking time bomb of crazed rage in my voice because he apologized and hung up toot sweet. I don't want you selling me shit. Don't call my damn phone. Don't ring my damn door bell. And stop with the freakin flyers too. 95% of my paper recycling is flyers and invitations to open lines of credit. You can shove your low interest rates in your hemorrhoid hidey-hole.

And now that I've gotten that off my chest... I've signed up for 70 Days of Sweat (again). This time I'm really going to try the fast draft way. I'll spend this week hammering out the outline, conflicts, etc. Already got most of it in my head, just have to work out the hero's story a bit more. This might not be the story I should be working on. I should be working on another contemp to follow Felicity Stripped Bare, but everything is just striking me as meh. (That includes my reading too). So I'm trying something different.
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