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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's 7 degrees out tonight.

As in 7 degrees above zero.

It is JUNE, right?

As in Northern Hemisphere?

J-just ch-ch-checking.
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Anne said...

OMG! Where exactly are you located? Cripes.... BRRRRR!

Sending you warmth!

Linda Winfree said...

Oh, wow.

Come visit me. It's 90 degrees.

Jaye said...

Anne, Toronto (Canada).

My neighbour said yesterday on the drive home (for him, 3:30pm) it was minus 1 with the windchill.

While it's warmer than it was yesterday, at this very moment I'm in sweatpants, a turtleneck, a hoodie and socks. :-P

I don't want to complain too loudly about the cold because usually summers here are killer: very hot and VERY humid. Just unbearable.

Anonymous said...

You should note 7 degree Celsius = 44.6 degree Fahrenheit.

Dee said...

Okay, that officially sucks. It's been cold here too, but it warms up and it never drops below 50. Wowsa!


Jaye said...

Dude! You keep disappearing, then you sneak back on the blogosphere. Good call, I'm so used to complaining with my fellow Canucks about the weather, I forgot to clarify to non-Canadians the Celsius/Fahrenheit thing. :-P

Dee, it was warmer today again, but I wouldn't be surprised if the temperature dips again.

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