Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Release date September!!

It's Vito Ciccotelli’s story (Tess's brother, the heroine from You Can't Hide)

Here's Karen's web-site, and she's part of The Goddess Blogs over here. I thought I was only missing one of her backlist, but it looks like I'm missing 2 or 3!! Even more good news at least I have a couple more books of hers to look forward to reading.
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avidbookreader said...

Did you do a list of all the Karen Rose books you've read with their respective grade or level of enjoyment? I'd like to see such a list please since you've read them all except the two or three your missing. Thanks. ---K.

Jaye said...

I'll do that in the next couple of day's Keishon. We're still renovating/not unpacked, so things still a bit hairy here, but since I bought Karen's books *after* I moved, they're all in bag together. I think.

avidbookreader said...

Thanks :-))

Jaye said...

sorry i disappeared on you for awhile Keishon. I'll do up that list this evening when i gwt home from work.

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