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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I mentioned awhile ago I had agent request for a paranormal I was writing. That project has stalled big time. In fact it was stalled before the agent asked for it and I'd put it aside to work on something else. (The ms came to her attention through a contest, I did not submit it, in case anyone is wondering. But, of course, it's a pretty good indication of the dangers of querying before the project is finish.) I have notified the agent in question about the lack of progress. While she'd like to get it sooner rather than later, she's still interested in reading it. *phew*

So while a solution to that plotting headache hopefully percolates subconciously, I'm working on an old mss. It's my first completed work, got shopped a bit, lots of interest, but ultimately no sale. A good writing buddy of mine recently mentioned me to her editor and now I've got an okay (don't really think I should be calling it a request) to submit the mss to this editor. I'll be spending most of the weekend working on doing some final edits/revisions, then I should have this baby out the door by Monday/Tuesday.

I also decided to try that Samhain feline shape-shifter thing. Jorrie posted the details on her blog recently. Figure a short story will be less stressful to write while the other bigger single-title length plot resolves itself of the backburner. Plus it's really disheartening being 'stuck'. Figure I gotta keep writing, something, until what I want to write starts happening.

Most of today will be a bit of a wash, I've got to mow my disaster of a lawn. The grass has grown so tall, I wouldn't be surprised it there were snakes in there. My mower (or at least the peice o shit the previous owners left in the shed) as stalled out and started smoking 3 times yesterday when I attempted to mow the backyard. lol. I think it's mostly because the lawn is so tall/lush and the grass is still wet for all the rain we've had a couple of days ago. Eventually I'll have to lay out the hard cash to buy a new mower (the cheapest I've seen is $200!). No, I can't leave it. It really is disgraceful and at any moment I expect a neighbour to throw a rock through my front window with a note attached: Mow the lawn bitch! Our property values are going down because of you! lol.

After that (actually, right after I post this) I have to scuttle into the kitchen and start on my tiramisu for dinner tonight. My best friend is coming for dinner and sleeping over. I decided we'd make our own pizzas, so the fridge is bursting with ingredients--asparagus, anchovies, pineapple chunks, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, onions, tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella, etc. yum-yum.

But back to the tiramisu. I love the stuff, but I've never made it before. I picked up a super easy recipe in Gourmet mag, water, sugar, vanilla, and if you want alcohol and expresso/strong coffee. (I want.) Anwho, it's supposed to be refridgerated for at least 6 hrs, so I got to get moving on it.

Cripes, I just saw my electrian pull into the driveway. That means he means he going to do some work. *sigh*

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Jorrie Spencer said...

Good luck with both the agent and the antho, Jaye!

Sasha White said...

I'm thrilled to hear you're going to try and get back into writing abut more. A short story is a rgeat idea!!

Jaye said...

Thank you ladies! One thing that has become really clear to me in the past couple of months is, while I may not be as prolific as I'd like at this point and time (really hoping it's just a phase) I don't think I could ever *not* write. It just makes me too unhappy.

raine said...

I don't think I could ever *not* write. It just makes me too unhappy.

Sounds like authoritis to me. ;-)

Best of luck with it, hon!

Oh, btw...if you have to buy a newbie, I recommend a mulching mower...less trouble, good for the lawn and environment.
And you can set the cutting height on high if the grass is really tall (also giving snakes a chance to flee), then cut it shorter...

And you're probably saying, "well bring your arse up here & cut it if you're such an expert!", so I'm signing off, lol.

Jaye said...

We got a mulching mower Raine, but I still raked up the clippings(or, at least the boy did).

"And you're probably saying, "well bring your arse up here & cut it if you're such an expert!"

Lucky for you, all the mowing/raking was done by the time I read your comment, or yeah, you were cordially invited to put your muscle were your mouth is.... ;-) Did I mention the back half of the backyard is all hill?

Thank you for the luck, hon. I'm feeling like I need it. :-P

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