The last lap

Monday, May 21, 2007

I've already been through the ms-to-be-submitted twice. One time for each complete ms crit/feedback I recieved from 2 writting buddies. That excercise was more about skimming the manuscript and just dealing with the comments. Now I reading through the book looking for places I can tighten and clean up the language. For instance, there's no need to constantly refer to the color of the hero's eyes. I thought I'd cleaned up worse of this a couple of years ago when I was actively shopping this ms, but there are a few more references that can hit the mat. I'm also finding complete bits of dialogue that can be cut without affecting anything except the pacing (in a positive way). It's a 22 chapter book, I'm on chapter 3 right now. *sigh* Good thing it's a national holiday over here in Canada today (Victoria Day), so I've got all day to work on this.

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Jordan Summers said...

I'm doing the same thing. Good luck!!! :D

Jaye said...

oh, but you're a old hand at this Jordan. *g* I haven't edited/revised or critted in quite some time. This is definitely getting back on the horse time. :-P

Good luck to you also, I know you're doing back to back edits!

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