Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've got'em, and I've noticed that others around the blogosphere seem to be quieter also. Has it all been said/read, and we're just re-treading, repeating, regurgitating? Or is it that a number of author-bloggers were previously either unpublished or at a different place in their careers where deadlines weren't so plentiful and therefore they had more time to post? Were they a bit more ‘daring’ in their previous pre-published, pre-NY, Not-such-a-known-entity posts, when they didn’t have to think/worry about offending some reader/editor/agent/reviewer? (Yes, you might have noticed I edited my post below now that I have something submitted :-P) It’s probably a combination of all those things along with whatever crap happens from time to time in the real world.

And speaking of meh, am I the only one who finds AAR not as *energetic* since they changed over board formatting? No doubt the same lethargy that has affected the rest of the online Romance community plays a part there as well, but for me there's something about the new setup that doesn't foster the same type of rousing dialogue/exchanges and interesting segues as before. Now all the boards seem like one big ATBF board (which, previous, I found to be the least interesting/active of all their threads. While RtR, Reviews & Potpourri, where always jumping.) Now I see the same generic *what have you read lately* type discussions that I see elsewhere. For me, AAR seems to have lost some vital uniqueness in the change.

Mehs part III: This weekend is all about writing and housework with a couple of errands thrown in. The big high-light of the week-end? I came across a recipe for mango pie which I'm looking forward to making. Hopefully it won’t turn out ‘meh’. ;-)
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raine said...

Things certainly have been on the 'blah' side of the blogosphere lately. Hard to believe we've run out of things to say, and not everyone is NY-bound...not that I've been a light in the darkness either, lol!

Your weekend plans sound like mine--except for the pie, which sounds yummy.

Jorrie Spencer said...

I think some of the recent trainwrecks have shut some people down, too. It's seems so easy for things to totally degenerate, for things to be taken the wrong way, for words to be twisted.

avidbookreader said...

I'm trying to read more and read faster but I'm not on the computer as much as I used to because of burn out and being busy with work. I've been reading some series books because they are quicker reads. ---Keishon

Jaye said...

Raine, it is hard to believe we've run out of stuff to say, and yet it's same shit, different blog different day, especially when it comes to flame wars.

I didn't make the mango pie yet, but I did make brownies and home-made pizza. Tomorrow I'll have to make the pie before the fruit gets over ripe.

Jaye said...

Jorrie, I'm seeing that. Lots of peeps are erring on the side of discretion and keeping quiet rather than join in the fray, whether because they're afraid of being slapped down/misinterpreted, or just because they're tired of reading the same tired circular arguments.

Jaye said...

Keishon, I've been reading a bunch of Trads lately. I just want that character driven *focus on romance* romance with just a soupcon of adventure and just enough sexual tension/awareness to bring back the magic/anticipation of that first love/kiss. No "twitching cocks", or "puckered nipples" or'whoo-whoo' elements, or whatever. I just want the pure HEA fairytale stuff at the moment. Oh, yeah, I'm also reading my keeper Amanda Quick's. Last week I read RECKLESS, still hold up. This weekend I'm reading DANGEROUS.

Kat said...

I know this barely has anything to do with your post but now I want some brownies. Choco-choco brownies that the Dr has specifically sayed is a major no no. ACK!

Jaye said...

lol Kat, I've never made brownies before, but I bought some FRY'S COCOA to spinkle over the Tiramisu I made last weekend and the recipe for brownies was on the container. I had all the ingredience, so I thought, 'why not?'. Turned out great, except I would have preferred chopped nuts in it (the boy doesn't like nuts). I'm probably going to bring half the pan to work, or the boy and I will eat it all ;-)

Amie Stuart said...

YUM....the pie and the brownies sound delish!

I just don't feel like blogging. I'd say I definitely have the mehs! I think part of it is meh in general and part of it is the doctor changed my meds and I'm not liking them much!

Jaye said...

The brownies turned out great. I had some all wrapped up to take to work today, cause my ass is going to get big if I keep the whole brownie pan in here. lol. The mango pie.... ::shame:: let's just say I messed up, at leave it at that. In my defense, I've never baked a pie that wasn't frozen. lol.

Same here for blogging. Half the time I do get an idea or two, even if it's just to blog about my latest book purchase, yet to log in a post seems like the most MONUMENTAL task. Just don't feel like it. :-P

Amie Stuart said...

LOL@the pie....don't feel bad.Other than pumpkin, that's about all I can do.

And too much effort is about right!

sybil said...

DUDE we are busy *g*. you missed us... sniff

I know, my ego is disgusting. Sorry. Play on.

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