It's gone... (Forgive me, Hall & Oats)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Everybody's high on consolation
Everybody's trying to tell me what is right for me, yeah
I need a drink and a quick decision
Now it's up to me, ooh, what will be

It's Gone It's Gone
Oh why? Oh why?
I better learn how to face it
It's Gone It's Gone
Oh why? Oh why?
I'd pay the devil to forget it
It's Gone It's Gone
Oh why?
And why this song?

I hit the 'send' button a couple of minutes ago, the ms should be in the editors inbox by now. *gulp* Wish me luck guys.
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raine said...

All the luck in the world, and THEN some, Jaq!!
Deep breaths and distractions, hon.

Jaye said...

Thanks, Raine. Out of sight, out of mind. I'm just trying to keep momentum going by working on something else.

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