Thursday 13

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thirteen reasons why Jaye's Contractor hasn't shown up

1. Another job ran late. He can't make it today/yesterday/last week.
2. He's sick.
3. It's his father birthday.
4. He needs me to pick out color/counter/flooring/door/whatever.
5. He hasn't ordered *Whatever-It-Was-He-Needed-Me-To-Decide-On-Before-He-Could-Do-More-Work**. So, no work, no show.
6. He ordered better **WIWHNMTDOBHCDMW from different vendor at better price. But he didn't do it right away..... It'll be here next week.
7. It's "next week" and the better **WIWHNMTDOBHCDMW from different vendor at better price hasn't come in yet. So, no work, no show.
8. The wrong "and-then-he-went-and-ordered-something-different" arrived. He had to return it and re-order the right one. So... no work, no show.
9. The subcontractor did a crappy job on the "and-then-he-went-and-ordered-something-different" and it has be re-done. It'll be a couple more days before he can continue work.

10. He lied. Or Previcated. To wit:
Me: So you're coming tomorrow *for sure* to do XYZ?
Him: Yeah, yeah. I'll try and come tomorrow to do XZY.

11. You made the mistake of giving him the final installment, paying him in full because there was only on little thing left to do....

12. He missed my call.

And finally, the #1 reason my contracter hasn't shown up:

13. They can't find the body. ::evil grin::

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