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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm an infrequent watcher, pretty much catch it on the fly and rarely hang around past the next commercial break-- but can some one answer something for me?

What the hell is Paula Abdul sayin'?

And OMGWTFBBQ? I finally heard Sanjay "sing" (and I use the term loosely). WT-deepfried-F is he doing in the finals? The joke has gone on too long now, dontcha think?
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Anne said...

YES! Sanjaya is a big effing FREAK. He can't sing, it's all a HUGE joke and it's pissing me off. He needs to GO already. God. *G*

Jaye said...

I heard the "talk" and thought he was just the weakest of the bunch, or peeps were just picking on him. But he really Can't. Sing.

I wonder what AI will do if the campaign to vote for the worst singer succeeds..... I'm surprised he got past the auditions, to be honest.

Karen Scott said...

Jaye, the thing is, the judges put him in there in the first place, he beat thousands of other contestants to win a place in the top 12, and so the blame can squarely be placed on their shoulders.

He does suck great big hairy donkey balls though doesn't he? *g*

raine said...

Haven't watched the show in over a year, but I catch snippets on the news, etc...
I'm absolutely with you. This guy cannot sing, and they're making a mockery of their own show as long as this continues.

As for 'what is Paula sayin'?


Jaye said...

Karen I was exchanging emails with a friend about this and she said that Sanjaya was actually very good in the auditions(!) So who knows what the hell happened.

Those hairs would be curly, Karen. ;-)

Jaye said...

Raine, agreed. They're making the into one big(ger) joke. Is tonight the night they reveal the results of the voting? For the first time I think I'll make an effort to watch.

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