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Friday, March 16, 2007

**The following is a cut and paste of a reply I sent to several friends who emailed me to find out what was up. Since then I've gotten a little better (still a little phlegmy) and the kitchen reno is almost done!

I'm sick. There was a mini blizzard on the first day I took off from work (which I got caught in). Then the day after we went to the house to start painting and cleaning, but had to shovel out the driveway (which can park 3 cars bumper to bumper) first. Oh..... and the snow had prettymuch turned to slushy (ie heavy) snow on top with ice underneath by then. Fun!

Then there was another snow storm. All. Day. On. The. Day. We. Moved. My friend's boyfriend and a couple of his friends were supposed to help me move. He showed up, his friends didn't. He and I loaded the truck. Did I mention I lived in an apartment two flights of stairs straight up above a store ? Oh, and my (old) street is a pretty busy commerical one, so we couldn't get parking in front of my building (no I didn't have parking at my old place) so we had to park the truck a block away. That was fun lugging stuff down all those stairs, then a block away in blowing snow to the truck, then trudging back in the snow and up the stairs again. It took us 3 hrs just to get the truck half way fill. After that we were toast. Luckily, he was able to rustle up a couple more friends who met us at the house, helped unload the truck and then helped with the second load.

I'm really surprised I haven't ended up with pnemonia. But I'm sick enough, thankyouverymuch.

And it went down hill from there. lol. Well, not down hill, but it's been very (very)trying. We're getting the kitchen gutted today (although I haven't heard from my contractor....) because the existing one was in worse shape than I initially thought. We've been eating off paper plates, etc, because the plumbing is screwed in the kitchen.

And did I mention I'm the perfectly timed visit from my Aunt Flo?

And the network card got damaged in the desktop pc, so me and the kid have to share the laptop. He's got stuff related to college entry to do, so his use trumps mine, and I really don't have much inclination to on the pc when I get home from work (btw, my coworker is off work all this week, so I'm carrying the workload all by myself), all I want to do is wrap up on the sofa with my cold meds. Except I have to make the effort to do something to get us organized/settled in the house.

On the bright side, I love living in a house again. And while I wish I was closer to the city center, I love being away from the commercial strip. Our street dead ends onto a ravine (I'm 4 houses away) and there's a cemetary one street over, so there's lots of green space, mature trees. I have a deck and backyard, where before I had a fire escape and laneway. I now hear birds song instead of traffic noise. just lovely.

And our walls are thick plaster! I can't hear my neighbours! Imagine that!!!!???!!!!!

No. I haven't been writing. :-P Surprise!! lol. There's still a thousand and one things to do, I hardly know where to start and being sick doesn't help. But knowing that it will all eventually get done keeps me sane.

I did take some pics that if I can ever be arsed enough, I'll post. And because I just don't have the energy I'm going to cut and past this entire email into a blog post when I get home because I've gotten several thoughtful inquiring emails from friends (((hugs))

**On another note, I just bought Karen Rose's entire backlist (all except one book I couldn't find) based on Count to Ten. I really love her voice/characterization.
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raine said... my room ready yet?

Kat said...

Guess I can delete that email that's in my drafts folder :P

Good to know you're alive. Here's to things only getting better from here on out!

Can't wait to see the pics.

Sela Carsen said...

I'm so glad you posted! Been wondering about how the move was going. Sorry about the cold. (((Jaq))) Feel better soon!

Jaye said...

Raine: You'd better run!!! My bedroom still only has the first couple of coats of primer and the blue painters tape along the baseboards. lol. :-P

Kat- Hey hon!! Love the new piccie of you! How're are things? (I know, I know, I'm a bad friend. I'll have to shoot you off an email soon.) btw.... are you writing?

Sela, thanks for thinking of me. :-P The cold is a bitch. I wished it would go away. :-P

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