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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For the Sears service/repair guy. Aside from my really great amazing experience with the appliance sales guy ( Hi Superfantistic Sales Guy!) my interactions with Sears' after sales service has been an excercise in sucknacious suckitudinal sucking of big hairy donkey balls (with ass on the side).

They messed up delivery big time, then expected me to make a long distance call to their shipper/delivery subcontractor to rectify their flub up.

er, that would be a big hairy 'No'.

I call my sales guy, and suddenly "sorry we can't reschedule for another week" turned into "you'll have delivery tomorrow".

On Sunday I finally saw my way clear to start on the three garbage bags of dirty laundry we moved with ::shame:: only to have the washing machine not work. (wft?!) I referred to the manual, but nothing it suggested worked, so I made a call for a service call. They were *supposed* to come between 8-12 this morning. Yesterday morning *after* I'd left for work, they called and left a message that they were resheduling me to 10am-2pm. wtf?

Do they think I work from home? Independently weathly do as I please? How can you reshedule the day before? I only took half a day off (although, not really, I told my boss I had an Dr's appointment and I'd be in by 12-- cause I really don't want to waste a whole vacation day waiting around for a service call. I pretty much used up half of my yearly vacation alllowance just to move!)

I called them back in the evening and clearly explained that I only took 1/2 a day off. The service guy was *supposed* to call me back to confirmed the original time. Did he? ::playing Jeopardy theme music:: I'll take 'Who is Jerky Jerkiton the Jerktard of Jerksville?' for $200 Alex. This morning I called customer service -- ::ROFLMAO!:: Whooo boy, 'customer service' hahhaaa! Too funny [/sarcasm]-- to see if he was even going to show up. He's coming between 10am-12pm. It's 11:15 right now. How many bets can I get that he shows up at 12? Or after? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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Jaye said...

It's now 12:09. No sign of the repair guy. I just called my boss and took the rest of the day off as a vacation day. f*ck.

I guess on a more positive note. I have been running ragged for the past couple of weeks. Actually make that months--house shopping in the middle of winter/the christmas season, wasn't no picnic either. I needed a break and now I got it. No workmen/renovators scheduled to show up today. I could do some more painting cleaning, but instead I'm going to absolutely chill out and do a bit of writing....

Jaye said...

Don't you hate it when you rant and rave and carry on like a absolute asshole and the person you're ranting about completely disarms you? :-P

So the repair guy just left, he was courteous, professional, etc. Solved the problem pretty quickly. Turns out the Sears installation guys goofed. heh. Now all is well. And though I did say I was going to take it easy, I've got a shit load of things to do on Saturday, even rented a car to do them, but now I'm thinking I might want to try and get some stuff done today, just haven't figured out what yet.

Then again, the washing machine is now working and it might be a good idea to start on the laundry.

Sorry for being either boring or absent for the last little while.

Amie Stuart said...

If nothing else you entertain LOL (sorry for laughing). We miss you but we understand =)

raine said...

Yeah, hon, I have done SO many rants on service scheduling/repairmen, I'm not even gonna GO there.
Hope you DID take some time to just chill and rest, lady. You need to get that resistance back up!
But glad it turned out ok.

Kat said...

I hate it when that happens. Around here, it's not too often but when it does, it's a nice surprise.

Hope you got a little rest in there, tho!

Sometimes sitting around doing absolutely nothing is just what the dr ordered.

Jaye said...

Thanks, Amie. I do want to get back on track again, but doubt that's going to happen for a bit longer.... *sigh* In particular, this 2 people on 1 computer is getting kinda old. :-/

Raine & Kat, I wish I had taken a break, instead I went out, pretty much got nothing done and got caught in the (cold) rain without hat/unbrella. Needless to say, just as I was sort of getting better, I got worse. Next week for sure I'm taking it easy. This week stuff like grocery shopping, etc., must be done.

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