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Saturday, March 31, 2007

but accessing the internet by laptop & desktop simultaneously ain't one, beeeyoitches! apologies to J-Zay

Thanks to the technical support peeps at D-Link, things are relatively back to normal in the Jaye household when it comes to computers. ::big shit-eating grin::

Now I've got a linen cupboard to clean out with some Pine-Sol (I haven't told y'all about what disgusting housekeepers the previous owners were, have I?), then line with some shelf paper before I (finally) put the linen away.

The nurse has already been here this morning (I decided to get term insurance, rather than get the bank's mortgage insurance). I've spoken with my contractor, my electrician and gotten a quote on tiling the kitchen floor. Cleaned the kitchen and now I'm going to put away the laundry, then clean the cupboard.

Yes, yes, boring ass shit you ain't interested in. I'll post something humourous later, or maybe an excerpt....
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Jaye said...

hmmm. this might not be such a great thing... The wireles router is in the basement and I can access the internet up in my bedroom on the second floor. :-/ Let's hope the last month of mostly being offline has become a habit and I'll get more writing done. I have one MAJOR goal this year and I'm gonna achieve it!

Amie Stuart said...

Wireless ROCKS! LOL

Jaye said...

Yes. It does indeed. :-D

It just took me 4 hours to clean the two windows in the kitchen and the mini-blinds (which I probably should have just thrown out). I swear to god the previous owner never cleaned those windows/blinds since they moved in/bought the house 5 years ago. Imagine my surprise when the original color of the blinds turned out to be snow white.

As you were.

Amie Stuart said...

OMG believe me I know. The old man who lived here was a PIG--didn't even clean up the dirt from where some plants had gotten knocked over. There were SIX weeks between buy and move in and the plants spills were there the first time I looked at the house. I nearly killed my vaccume trying to get the carpets just vaccumed! OMG Yes I do dear. *g* And I feel for you

Jaye said...

Six weeks later? I can't believe people like that. You don't have to be all OCD, just maintain a certain hygenic level of housekeeping.

In my case, I got a better deal because of the lack of housekeeping, and lack of design sensibility (I won't even start on their choice of paint colour throughout, but I will mention that the living room had peach colored walls, except for the accent wall which was brown. And the ceiling? Pale mauve. Yeah, you read that right.) Plus I doubt they ever opened a window while they cooked. I've opened up closets upstairs that were absolutely *pungent* with cooked food smells. =:-O

But even I didn't realize how piggy these folks were. It boggles my mind that they would treat their biggest financial investment with such disregard, never mind that it's *your home*

My hands/fingers are still cracked, almost a month later, from giving the bathroom a thorough and good scrubbing the first week. When I first viewed the house I honestly thought I'd have to rip out the tub or re-glaze it. Imagine my surprise at what 8 SOS pads and 3 buckets of hot water mixed with Javex, Mr. Clean and Pine-Sol can do! (No, I wasn't taking any chances. lol. I scrubbed every single inch of that bathroom--which is completely tiled floor to ceiling on all four walls. How a family of 4 could bathe, brush their teeth, and yeah, take a shit, surrounded by so much mold/mildew boggles my mind.

There were spider webs in the corners.


Jaye said...

Sorry. I really wanted to spare you guys any rants/rambles on the previous owners of the house etc. ::chagrined:: lol.

Kat said...

You should see the house we've been in since the fires.

I imagine since it used to be an old folks home, they couldn't really see...but my room is BRIGHT aqua blue, my mothers peach, 1 sister has the ugliest wallpaper (green clouds or something?) on Earth and the other has the 2nd ugliest (bunches of flowers that you'd normally see as trim in a Victorian kitchen).

Then there was the livingroom...which was colorless...but had two walls with nasty raised stripes in various Southwestern colors.

Not. Pretty.

(who is afraid to look @ her blinds because she hasn't cleaned them in 4 yrs...and rather likes the spider webs in all four corners..yah, that's it. I like 'em.)

Jaye said...

lol, Kat. I think the only reason the previous owners didn't put wallpaper is because it would have been too much effort. Did I mention the spike in the door hinge? How much is a door hinge at RONA (of which there are two less than 5 mins from here) or HOME DEPOT? Yet, these folks decided to "repair" the closet hinge by using a long nail. ::shaking head in befuddlement::.

I'm making this house sound like a real dive, and it's not. But the previous owners had not one scintilla of taste or concept of hygiene.

Oh, and by the way, the basement has chair-rail height wood panelling painted BRIGHT aqua blue. Above the panelling is some sort of white stucco finish, kinda like the popcorn ceilings, but really amateur/crudely done. :-P

And the carpet down there is burgundy and pink. lol.


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