Oscars Round up.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nope. Not me. Didn't watch them. Besides, I depend on Rich at FourFour to keep me up to date. Go forth, read and laugh your ass off

**erm, link is fixed.
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Jaye said...

I thought I'd put a quickie new post (joke email) and my freakin blog is locked because they suspect it's a spam blog because of all the linking to other blogs.

WTH?! ::blinkblink::

And here I was trying to stay active, and point my 6 readers to things of interest.

To be fair it was some sort of automated system that red flagged the site. They have a system available where you can contest the categorization and they'll have a *real* human review your site.

Good thing I checked in, I think if they don't hear from you within a short span of time, they'll assume you really are a spam blog and delete your blog. :-P

Anywho, I'll really be absent now. Got the key for the house late yesterday afternoon. Now got a lot of running around and work to do. We're not moving in till Monday, but untill then lots of painting and cleaning to do. Need to get precise measurements and head over to IKEA for some new cabinets, then buy sink, faucet, counter-top, paint, new front door lock, and the list goes on. My muscles have been in a constant state of aching for the past month and I suspect my period isn't too far off (yippeee!).

Jaye said...

I'm back at the apartment and stuck here for the forseeable future. There's a frickin snow storm outside!

At least I got half my errands done, but I'd planned to make a pitstop home drop off my load (because I couldn't get my hands on a rental today--and good thing too! No way in hell I'd feel comfortable driving around in this weather) then I planned to go out again, run some more errands then get back home in time to meet up with ds after school and we'd both truck out to the new house to do some pre-work, cleaning and mabye start on the painting.

Yeah. Right. It's been snowing (blizzarding) hard for the last two hours. I'm hoping it lets up enough so that I can at least go out a buy a new front door lock (no offense to the last owners, but you can never be too careful.)

btw, this is what I've been sparing you for the past couple of weeks--this minutia regarding the new place. Small price to pay for a fairly stagnant blog (that is still spam blocked! grr.)

Jaye said...

::rant cut and pasted from elsewhere::

Yeah, I have the key. And the freaking priviledge of shovelling out a 2 car freakin driveway. Did I mention that the "snow" was mostly slush? Yeah, several inches of slush to shovel before it all turned to ice and the delivery men/movers can't make it up the drive. Tell me why I wanted to move out of my apartment and into a house again?

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