Friday, January 12, 2007

The vendors agreed to my last (and final) offer!!

I bought my first house y'all!!

We move February 28th!

There's packing to be done and a whole bunch of other details to take care of, but now I'll have more focus on the agent request (which, btw, don't think I posted here, but I recieved a second agent request for another work a couple of days after the first. Now if i could only master the art of alchemy.... *g* Heeeehaaaaaw!!!)
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Jordan Summers said...

YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I'm not sure what to woot for first. :D Congratulations on the new home and the wonderful opportunities. May everything go smoothly with both. :)

Steph T. said...

Yay Jaq!!! Congrats, big time!!!

Now, they say that good things come in threes...so I'm thinking that 2007 seems like an awfully good year for a book sale, don't you?


*crossing everything and sprinkling good karma*

raine said...


I am so freaking happy for you, hon!
You're gonna love having a house!

Jaye said...

LOL! Jordan, I don't know what to woot for either! I guess it's the house at this time, since it's concrete. The requests still have to bare fruit (if they ever do), but even if they don't it was pretty cool to get them. Hopefully I'll take them as a sign for good things to happen at some point for my writing this year!!


Jaye said...

Thank you, Steph!! And, yes!yes!yes! I think 2007 would be a stonkin fine year to sell!! :-D

Thanks for the cheers and support, hon!!

Jaye said...

Raine, you've been in my corner for a long time now. :-) Your enthusiasm and support means a lot. Thanks babes!

I *know* I'm gonna love owning a house, but I'll admit, it's the morning-after now and I'm feeling a teensy queasy. lol. It's always a little scary I know.

And can I just take a moment to pat myself on the back for doing all that spring cleaning decluttering over the Xmas holidays? Packing will be a much more straightforward process now. :-P

Jaye said...

It's that time again. Membership dues for my local chapter. I always question the value I get out of it. I like the ladies and love getting together face to face/in person with other writers. But to be honest I can't say I get more knowledge value at those meetings than I do online. :-P And I rarely make it to more than 1/3 of the meetings.

But I'll go today (for only half the session) and renew my membership. I'll be absent from this blog for most of the weekend. After the meeting, I have to hit the bank, then meet with my agent and then I'm barricading myself in my room to write!

Jorrie Spencer said...

New house! Woohoo! That's very exciting.

And congrats and best of luck on those requests!

Jean said...

Congrats and on the house, and fingers crossed for good news from the requests.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! It seems as though you are having a very good start to 2007!!

Amie Stuart said...

Happy writing babe and congrats again. Yeah that OMG what have I done sinking my ass umpteen thousand dollars in debt feeling can be quite...nauseating, but it passes pretty quick LOL

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo, congratulations!

I'm with Steph. These things come in threes so hurry up and get that submission out there so we can celebrate a sale!!!

You go girl. 2007 is your year! Claim it!!!

Jaye said...

Jorrie, Jean, Marg, Amie and Kat! Thank you ladies. I'll admit I haven't gotten a whole of of writing done in the past couple of days. I wanted to do 20 and I've only done 3. But now that most of the nail biting stuff is over with the house buy (just the grunt work of packing up, etc) I *hope* to make better progress with the ms. :-)

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