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Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's 1:53 am. I've been working on my plot just about all day (slept in and spent the earlier afternoon house hunting. Still no luck there.)

Anywho, I've more or less got a plot hammered out. On paper it looks like it might be short. I did it in point form with each point hearder being a chapter, then I wrote a brief description of the three scenes that planned for each chapter--with the assumption that the 3 scenes added up to 20 pages.

Well, I only got up to page 280. :-/ But I didn't really address the internal conflict stuff, or much of the character arcs, or flesh out some of the subplots. Just kept the focus on the unfolding of the plot. Plus dialogue will take up quite a bit of page count. I'll do that tomorrow. I think 280 pages in outline, might well balloon to 380 in execution, especially if little twists and turns appear as I'm writing.

I'm still going to transfer the points to the colored post-its, tomorrow, then plug those on to the board. Visually I'll be able to see more clearly what threads need to be address.

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Jaye said...

I just realized, once I finish the partial and shine up a short version of the synopsis, I can start making some of contest rounds... holy crap, did you see what i just said? Haven't I learnt my lesson? lol.

As you were...

raine said...

I have never, EVER, come up with an accurate page count based on synopsis or outline. Something unexpected always happens.

holy crap, did you see what i just said? Haven't I learnt my lesson?

Fortunately, Puritans are well-schooled in holding their tongues...

Jordan Summers said...

Can you come over and work on my book, when you're finished outlining yours? *ggg*

Amie Stuart said...


NO CONTESTS until the book's done!


Dee said...

Do you see my arms crossing?

Hear my foot tapping?

Even the babies are kicking up a storm.

And do we know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Uh huh. You've got your direction. You know where you're headed. And you are not allowed to look beyond that yet. Yes, this is your pushy, bitchy CP talking, woman. Go in there and write. If I gotsta suffer, you're coming with me. LOL!

(who has not been so creative in hiding from Kyle and hereby challenges Jaq to some actual writing tomorrow.)

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