How to start the New Year

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

With a request.

Seems my Romance Junkies finalling entry (I didn't win, btw, so no request from the editor at NAL) has attracted the attention of a big name agent.

Who wants an exclusive.

The ms is not done.

But it will be. :-)

Which means I'm going to scarce here until it's done. :-/
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Jordan Summers said...

Congratulations!!! Now get your ass to work. ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! All right!

Now, butt in chair, hands on keyboard!

Good luck!

raine said...


(I'll save the "HOOOOOOO" part for when you finish).

Tara Marie said...

Congrats!!! Now that's the way to start a New Year :D

How exciting, get typing!!

Jorrie Spencer said...

Excellent news! Congrats Jaye!!

Amie Stuart said...

Get busy!!!!!!!

Jaye said...

...I'm not here....

Thanks guys!! ::pirouetting::

....Still not here...

Anonymous said...

Wooohoo!! I'm so pumped for you, and I know it's just the start of great things!! Congrats, and good vibes, I know you'll get it finished.

Steph T. said...

oh YAY!!!!!

I'm SO excited for you!!!!!!

Jaye said...

::siddling in...::

Thank you, Eve and Steph!!

::siddling out...::

Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my congrats...sniff.

Yay! You go girl! ( in get outta here and write something that will have that agent tripping over her own to feet to get the pen!!!)

Jaye said...

Thanks, Kat! :-D

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