A bit of rescheduling

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I know, I know, I missed the *All about me Monday* and *Tune-in Tuesday* post. I have a good excuse though. A lot of you might have caught my continuous whining (on other messageboards) about a toothache/abscess I've been nursing for the past week. Only reason I didn't whine more was because I was eating painkillers like candy (dentist was closed for the holidays).


I even resorted to a little DIY lancing. ::wince::

Anywho, I took the day off today because I had to get my dentist to squeeze me in. [/desperation]. He wasn't able to do anything because the abscess was so bad, so he put me on antibiotics for the next two days to clear up the infection. I go back in on Thursday and they'll deal with the source of the problem at that point. :-/

I'll look at this in a positive light. I've started the year by getting rid of something that pains me. ;)
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raine said...

{{{{BIG HUGS!!}}}}

I did the painful dental issues early last year. Sympathies, sweetie!
NOTHING--repeat, NOTHING--hurts like pain in your mouth.
Hope they take care of it quick and easily, hon!

Jaye said...

NOTHING--repeat, NOTHING--hurts like pain in your mouth.

That's what I've been whiiiiiiiining about all week! *g* Thanks hon. I'm not looking forward to Thursday, but it has to be done.

Amie Stuart said...

Raine is right. there's nothign worse than a toothache!!!

Avid Reader said...

Hey, hope your feeling better.


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