They Lied.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

These pictures seem familiar?

They're usually part of advertising for buying a new home and/or getting a mortgage.

Notice the joy in the couples faces. The big banana smiles. The perfect homes....

....That are probably out of their price range.

Really, would you be smiling so big and bright if you'd just mortgaged yourself up to your eyeballs? Let's face it, most first time house buyers do not get the house of their dreams. After the bitch slap of reality, comes the cuddle-up and canoodle with compromise. (This is the stage I'm at.) For most people it takes years to get to that dream home. And during the process, you're most likely to look like this:

But it is worth the effort, isn't it? If you do get your dream (or something like).

Sort of like with writing.
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Jordan Summers said...

Yes, it is worth the effort...says the person who has never owned a home. (hangs head) Hope you find something you like.

raine said...

Ah, The Scream. One of my favorite paintings EVER, lol.

You're right. They lie.
And it comes down to a lot of stress, some compromise, some disappointment. And even when it's settled, there are always surprises (and an unbelievable amount of unexpected $$$$$).

Is it worth the effort?
IMHO...yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Not only for the investment, but for the privacy, the comfort, the dream fulfilled. Nothing like having your own. Really.

Hang in there!!

Lynn said...

Fictional satisfaction, pictoral or otherwise, has always been a central part of effective advertising. Use our service/product, find true happiness.

Weight-loss product campaigns always present an inaccurate depiction with their body models; note how miserable the Befores always look (scraggly hair, no make-up, frumpy clothing), and how happy the Afters appear (immaculately groomed, painted with high-wattage cosmetics, skin tight outfits to display their new bod.)

I find it amusing because the only time I look healthy is when I'm not dieting. While on any diet, I lose weight in my face first, get heavy-duty Samsonite under my eyes, and am extremely grumpy. I generally look like I haven't slept for weeks. When I'm fat, I look happy, and I even glow a little. And I have the photos to prove it! Lol.

Sasha White said...

I'm with Raine. It's frustrating, and stressfull, but well worth it. :)

Jaye said...

Jordan, for the first in a week (2 weeks), I saw something I *almost* liked. Haha! (sob). I think I might have to up my price range. :/ I see a part-time job in my future. (double sob).

You know what this house hunting reminds me of? Childbirth. You see the cute little giggly babies, and the cute little GAP clothing. But those last months of pregnancy, the labour, the sleepless nights afterwards, the hassle wit daycare? Sux. But when you look at your child, you fall in love 30 times a day, and it's all worth it. I know I'll find, not necessarily my dream/perfect house (I'm just not in that tax bracket. And that's no to say I'm looking for some mansion, I'm not. ) Just something I'd be happy in for the time being, and I could enjoy the process of making it a home.

Jaye said...

LOL@ the weight loss ads. They always have no make-up, hair pulled back in a pony-tail or undone, they slouching and are frowning or generally unhappy looking, and the lighting is always bad. lol. I think everyone has a weight that's right *for* them.

As for the housing/mortgage ads, I just want to smack those stupid (lying) smiles off their faces.


Thanks, Sasha! I know it will be rewarding... eventually. heh.

Amie Stuart said...

After 18 months in my own home (and STILL Needing new floors and to finish painting), between the taxes, the a/c, the kitchen that needs to be redone, the fireplace that needs to be fixed and the lawnmower I can never make run, I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. =(

Anonymous said...

It's always a struggle, but well worth it after the first few years are behind you. The funny thing is, I'm paying 2x a month now what my first mortage was just for property taxes.

In twenty years, you can sell and move to a small town and live like a queen.


Avid Reader said...

I'm 34, just got my degree and after working two years, I am saving and stacking. It's worth it, I think. However you have to compromise but it's worth it. Hang in there. I'll be starting this process myself and am not looking forward to it.


Jaye said...

Thanks for commenting guys. :-) Today is the official *No more viewings for me till January* day!! yayayayay!! lol.

I *know* it will be worth it. I've literally paid $96K in rent over the years in my current place. That could have been $20K paid towards a mortgage. :-/

Also, I'm in the lender side of the business, so that extra awareness/knowledge is, ironically, adding to my stress.

Cece, hang in there, the first couple of years are the hardest.

Dude, sounds like a plan! I want to stay in the city for a couple more years, but I can see myself in one of the suburbs after that.

Keishon, yes, save, save, save, paid down debt, and be kind to your credit rating. *g* You'll be in an awesome position to buy, and with less compromise.

Anywho, I'll still check listings out on line, but I'm chilling till after the holidays. Lot's of peeps have pulled their listings/or are not having viewings till the new year, anyways.


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