Saturday, November 04, 2006

I read this article, Are You an Internet Addict? Then followed the link supplied, over to the Internet Addiction Test.

*phew* I thought I was going to be borderline. heh. I *know* I spend far too much time online, even with the excuse that it's mostly writing related. :-P

Anywho, my score is 39, and my results: You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.

But, I'm a writer, which means I lie pretty darn well. And there's also that little river in Egypt... ;-)

Go take the test, and post your results in comments. (Denial can be a lonely place. *g*)
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raine said...

I scored 34.

I think they're being easy on me. *ggg*

Jean said...

I scored a 30. But I live on line. So it seems like an odd questioning process. I do sometimes get grumpy when hubby calls and I'm doing something online. He complains about my online time when we're together, so I usually don't go online during the short periods we have together. It makes sense to spend time with him when I have it. Now. When we begin living together again after I retire, that will take some adjustment.

Anonymous said...

I was a 50 something. Can't remember! Definitely Ruh-roh though!

Sasha White said...

I scored 44. The same comments as you.

I think it was easy on me since I have no one to tell me to get off, or be pissed that I spend more time online than with them LOL

Jaye said...

Ya know what? I think we're all in denial. That's what I think. ;-) I *know* I spend far more time than "average" online.

Amie Stuart said...

But I always neglect household chores! LOL

I got 29 --average. But what Sasha said. I don't have anyone to bust on me about it.

Jaye said...

Same here, significant other to rag on me. And there was some stuff that I would have answered the same if I hadn't been on the web, but just checking email or writing, so I graded them lower. Fun time waster.

Sasha White said...

You knwo what is sad. What if we ARE average? What if eveyone spends as much time as we do onthe web?? What happened to human interaction??


It could just be that we're average out of those who took the quiz. And really, only people who spend so much time onteh web would even take a quiz like that. LOL

Jaye said...

d'oh! Well, that was sooo obvious. lol. Of course, only people who are spending time of the web and who *suspect* that they might be spending too much time on online, would even bother taking that test. Good point, Sash. lol.

But, yeah, scary to think that so many people are spending time online. I'm noticing more and more kids toys (all those damn Xmas commercials starting up) are computer related, made me nostalgic of for train sets, and boardgames, etc.

I honestly think that if I wasn't writing, I wouldn't spend half as much time online. Not even on reader's blogs. I tend to be a brower in the bookstore/library anyway regardless of what I read online.

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