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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good news and bad news.

Good news: Writing on the Quickpad during the commute into work and on my lunch, is working out pretty good. I've averaged 2 raw/unedited pages per day. The first day, I was able to edit/flesh out stuff and gained another page. Two pages doesn't sound like a lot, but if I keep this up, I'd realistically finish an unedited single title length ms in 6 months (avg 30 days per month x 2 = 60 pages x 6 months = 360 pages).

2 books a year is not bad. Of course there's all types of contingencies I'm not taking into account here, but for the most part doable. Also, until I started this new schedule, I'd only written about 20 pages of new stuff on The Lost in a 4-6 month period. Since I started BICHOKing I've written 8 pages in 3 days.

Bad news: This morning I was mulling over the scene I wanted to write. I can't write it. Not only that, most of those 8 pages have to be cut. lol. I was getting into a situation where consistency of wordbuilding was going to be a problem. If the rules I've laid down for the world in which the story exists are to remain inviolate, and I don't want to resort to a ex dues machina later on, then I have to then I have to change stuff now.

More good news: After some thinking, I came up with a solution that will bring another important character on the scene a lot sooner and get a subplot rolling. I'm actually happy with this new turn. :-) And who knows, maybe that's why my output wasn't all that impressive, I was taking the story down the wrong road.

I'll check in later.
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Jaye said...

Yay!! Chapter 3 is finally done. All left over tweaks done, and revisions for the new direction completed. *phew* And, I realized that most of the stuff I have in chapter four can be kept with minor revisions. :-)

Amie Stuart said...

Yeah!!!!!!! (but sometimes you make my brain hurt chica)

Jaye said...

LOL. If you think I make your brain hurt, you should checkout Dee's posts on writing. I need to lay down after I read one of her 'explanations'. *gg*

Amie Stuart said...

note to self: avoid dee's blog


Jaye said...

Are ya sure you want to do that? Last I heard she was working on a theory that compared astrophysics and emotional arcs. ::snicker:

Jaye said...


Sooo.... I'm not finished with chapter 3 after all. First I was thinking about a map. There's a reason why alot of those fantasy stories have maps. I might need one. Secondly I was thinking that the chapter is missing something. Maybe a little more introspection, but I can't pin-point exactly where and I don't want to get caught up on that. But I think I really do need to insert the H's pov, so far this story has been all in the h's pov, I plan to have the H's pov in the next chapter, but I think it needs to be in this one to up the romance/tension. And that's what's needed at this point, I've kept a light hand with it, but it needs to be revved up a bit. Probably a paragraph or two should do it. No more than a page of introspection. Then switch back to the heroine's pov. And I know just where to insert it, so it heightens the byplay of dialogue with the heroine and heightens the sexual tension that comes later and leads to their first kiss.

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