Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thank you to everyone who voted (unbeknowst) for my entries over at Romance Junkies. Even though I *hinted* (gg) here when an entry went up, only a handful of crit partners might have recognized my stuff. I made sure to 'hide' the excerpts archived here, and I haven't had anything critted in the last year, opting instead to send a couple of chapters out--months ago--for general feedback. Also I changed the titles, and used an aka.

Anywho, I just got the heads up, out of almost 300 entries, Ieternally Yours made the top three second place!!.

So thanks, maybe I am doing something right after all. :-)

::totally chuffed::
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raine said...


Huge Congratulations, hon!!

Anonymous said...


Jaye said...


Thank you, Raine and May! :-)

Julie Cohen said...


Well done you woman!

Jill said...


Sasha White said...

YAYY!! Sorry I'm late onteh congrats. For both storeis!!

And, For damn sure you are! (doing somethign right)

And you got there onteh merits of the story!! It's a great story!!

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