Holy Sh*T!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My second entry finalled also!!! The Cursed Kiss (the one I was angsting about a couple of posts down) is tied for 11th place!!!

OMG!!! ::laughing hysterically to cover 'scared shitless feeling'::
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Jorrie Spencer said...

Congratulations on the two entries, Jaye!

raine said...

(Raine, also laughing her ass off, because you probably thought you'd just sneak those through for feedback, yes?) :-D

I'm so happy for you!!

Jordan Summers said...

Congratulations!!! Yah!!! :D

Larissa said...

Congratulations!!! That's AWESOME!!!

Stephanie Bose said...

Congrats on all of the placings. Wonderful!!!

Jaye said...

Raine, you are soo right, that's exactly why I entered! lol.

Thanks, guys. I've literally wondered, off and on, over the past year, if maybe I should just give up. The writing just hasn't been coming easy. If nothing else, this just sort of makes it seem that the struggle is worth it. Onward and upward!

And thanks for popping over. I know you've all had your successes and turning points--big and small--and you know *exactly* where I'm coming from on this. ::grin::

anne frasier said...

woot! that's fantastic! and i definitely remember those months/years when i thought i should quit. you get to the point where you HAVE to have validation.

Danica/Dream said...


Shesawriter said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!!!! This is wonderful news!! :-) You GO girl.

Jaye said...

Thank you, Anne, Danica, and SAW!

Anne, that's it. And you need that validation not from long time writing buddies/crit partners, since you know they're bias, they tend to like your work (that's why your cp'ing)or from friends/family because they like you and don't want hurt your feelings. Thier votes of confidence won't completely wipe away all the cobwebs of doubt in the same way a thumbs-up from someone with no vested interests in you or your writing, will do.

Oh, also want to thank the folks who sent their congrats privately, or on other sites/loops. :-)

The glow has muted a bit, now it's time for a last minute polish, and get some writing done.

lainey bancroft said...

Hi! Just wanted to pop in and say a 'personal' congrats. 2, and 1 in the top 3! WOO HOO WTG!
Loved your entry. Hope ya get it. (And I'm not just sayin' that cuz this is your blog either ;0)

Also love your little writting progress guy. It's so me! Yay! Boo-hoo!
AND you're another local gal. Go GoGo Ontario!

Amie Stuart said...

Honey if there's one thing I know it's that you shouldn't quit. =) So sue me, of course I'm biased. I know talent when I see it *ggg*

Julie Cohen said...

Yup, talented is right.

I'm so proud of you! Brilliant job, woman.

Jaye said...

Lainey, thanks! I enjoyed your entry also, so major, major congrats for finalling also!

Cece & Julie. You guys are two tough broads. lol. Very talented, awesome fearless critiquers. Your judgements carry much weight with me, and I'm honoured to have your good opinion. :-)

and my verification word is: xdimstgo. lol. I guess I really 'must go' and get cracking with some writing.

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