Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've got to skeedadle in a bit for an appointment, but I ran across a very interesting thread over on AAR. I did't read it all the way through, but it's fairly provocative. I think to a certain degree I agree. Sure I can never find enough to read, but what I really mean is enough *good* stuff to read. Let's be honest, I want every book I pick up to be a keeper. But that's not even getting into One's woman's keeper is another's wallbanger territory. etc.

Anywho, here's the link, read, join in, whatever.

**Added: The whole thread started because of a question/answer that was left out of the posted Anne Stuart interview. Question and eyebrow raising answer here. Then someone mentioned that Candice Proctor is a little sour on the whole publishing thing.

I've seen/read these types of 'painfully honest' comments before from other authors. It's obviously a tough business. If that's enough to turn you off from pursuing a writing career, well, you weren't meant to be a published. No biggie. Lots of other things to do with yourself. All is not lost. And a number of writer would shrug and say: Yay, more room for my books! Less competition! lol. On the other hand, omments like these make sure I approach this whole endeavor with my head firmly screwed on. Yeah, I'll get as excited as the next person when something is accomplished, etc., but I left my starry-eyed fairy-tales visions behind long ago, if I ever had any. I can honestly say, I have never planned to quit my day job. :-/

Jane over on Dear Author is blogging on a related topic. How publishers have flooded the historical (& paranormal)romance market with *more of the same*, ultimately leading to reader disinterest.
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Jordan Summers said...

Don't we all. Of course, that would redefine the need for shelf space. :-O

Jaye said...

Gaaah! Good point, Jordan. Cause there's NO WAY I'd part with my keepers. =:o

Amie Stuart said...

Interesting article and great food for thought! She's got some valid points

Jordan Summers said...

I think it's brave of Ann to tell it like it is. I think all writers go through points in their careers where they don't think they're getting a fair shake. It's only natural.

I do think the focus on immediate numbers is destroying many new writers because they aren't given a chance to find an audience. Unfortunately, the publishers have all the control in that arena.

Jaye said...

Jordan, I thought it was extremely brave of Ann to voice her disappointment, (although many authors might say more foolhardy than brave in terms of, perhaps, being seen as biting the hand, etc... )

As you noted, the publishers hold the power. I do wish authors were given a bit more time to 'grow' into their voice and find their audience. While, contrarily, I feel other authors, perhaps, needed a bit more time to polish their craft before being published. (yeah, yeah, who the hell am I? *g*) But on one hand you have authors who have something special but are not given the opportunity *to stick*, while on the other hand you have authors who are not quite ready for *prime time* and aren't given the breathing room to get there because of publishing schedule demands. :-/

PBW said...

I'm not going to comment on the author comments because everyone is entitled to their own opinions about the biz, painfully honest or otherwise. I'd just recommend getting across a good stretch of the publishing bridge before you set fire to what's behind you.

It is a very tough business, and you shouldn't dive in to a career in it unless you're willing to take some hard knocks, various kicks in the teeth and sundry crushing disappointments.

But for all its warts, publishing has its merits. Name another occupation that allows you to work your own hours, stay home with your family and do what you love. Okay, besides being a phone sex operator....

Jaye said...

LOL @ phone sex operator. Although, the pay probably way better. For the writer, that is. ;-)

I get the feeling Anne has been pretty outspoken in the past. Just not online, which is why the mini storm in a tea cup furor. But I get the feeling her current publisher (who have also been a past publisher for her, just a different imprint) is savvy to her ways and means. What I'm saying is, she probably knows what she can get away with. For the rest of us, it's best to stick pins in rag dolls and call it day. ;-)

And my verification is 'falic' A sign? Perhaps phone sex operator deserves a closer look as option B. lol.

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