Horror Movie Deaths

Monday, October 30, 2006

Maxim online has movie clips of The 10 Best posted.
1. Not for the faint of heart.
2. Sometimes the link takes you to a 'lost' page. Just shut down the window and click onto the link again.
3. Sometimes the movie clip--and gore--STARTS RIGHT AWAY.

You bin warned.

I wouldn't say they were my personal favourites. But one of them is bound to make you squeal. lol. If you're feeling particularly ghoulish, leave a comment on your favourite horror death scene.

Anything 'Jason' gets my vote. Jason is like the McGyver of horror killing dudes. Jason will get you with a lock of hair and some spit. I also liked the scene in the (original) OMEN, where the priest gets shafted. heh.

Oh, and in ALIEN RESURRECTION where that alien comes up behind Dan Hedaya's Gen. Perez character and whacks out a peice of his skull, and Perez standing there with this puzzled looked on his face? Princeless.

Oh, oh, and when Samuel Jackson is making that big speech in that JAWS wannabe movie, DEEP BLUE SEA, and his nostrils are flaring something fierce, and his voice is rising like Moses on the mount, and that bad ass shark just jumps out of the water and gobbles him up in one bite? Don't blink. Or you'll miss it. Seriously. *g* (I like my scares with a bit of black humour.)

As for the movie clips, I was disappointed that they cut out the best part from DAY OF THE DEAD--as Rhodes is being torn limb from limb and the zombies are 'chowing down' on his entrails, he starts screaming in the most delicious bit of hammy overacting since Shatner stepped off the bridge of the Enterprise: "Choke on em! Choke on em!!" lol.

Bon Appetite, er, Enjoy!


Happy Halloween!

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raine said...

Um...did you once say something about not understanding why you were having trouble keeping horror stuff our of your romances? :-O

(Happy Halloween!)

Jaye said...

Touche, Raine. lol. But... the horror movies I like are more the old stuff, where the scare is more psychological and the 'kill' left to the imagination. (POLTERGEIST) Or, it's almost campy violence like the Jason movies or the FINAL DESTINATION movies, or TREMORS. Or it's 'smart/clever' like the SCREAM movies. All the new 'gratuitous violence' stuff like SAW and HOSTEL don't appeal whatsoever. Haven't seen them. I did see THE RING, though. And that scared me.

I don't think I saw half of the movies from those clips. Not even Jason X.

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