Don't kill the dog.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That's what they tell you when you're writing a story.

But what about the horse? Can you kill the horse?

More specifically, can the hell hound nice little doggie kill the horse?

And the red shirt guy riding the horse? Can the snarling, frothing at the mouth, blood-hungry nice little doggie-poo tear a limb off get him too?

Or should I just let them all get sucked down in the quicksand to die an awful suffocating death? (preferably with much thrashing around beforehand). Technically, that isn't killing, right? That's more like, erm, "an ugly demise" or summin'....

::counting down to how much longer I have in my *Romance* writing critique group:: lol.
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raine said...

Ah, well...I suppose it depends on what you're writing, lol...

I'm not sure you'd want to do that in a romance, quite honestly. But if it's a hound from hell that's threatening somebody 'nice', that's a different story...

Oh, hell, it all depends! But as an animal lover, I confess stuff like that bothers me.
As for the red shirt guy--sure, kill him off! That's what they're for! (anyone who's seen Star Trek knows that). ;-D

Jaye said...

Weeelll.... it probably won't be as bloody as my very tongue-in-cheek post makes it sound, but this isn't *strictly* speaking a regular romance. I'm just going with the muse at them moment. :-/

Anonymous said...

Your post brought on this conversation.

Todd - "I know you said hell hound but its still a dog and it would try to kill a horse like a dog."

Cat -"But it's from hell, it would have special powers."

Todd - "It still would fight like a dog because dogs are ground level fighters. And horses are pretty hard to kill against ground level fighters unless the hell hounds are in a pack."

Cat - "You are insane. The dog is from hell. I am thinking Satan gave his doggies some extra oophm powers"

Todd - "Horses are really tough to kill and they tend to stomp to obliviion any dog, hell hound, etc that would try to attack them. THey weigh a thousand pounds and most of it is muscle. And they have vicious hoofs."

Cat - making no comment now, but shaking head and laughing that she married Dr. Doolittle.

Cat - "It's satan's hell hound. Satan. The devil. Me thinks the hound a some bad ass."

Todd - "Well, a hell hound would still have the same basic properties of a dog."

Cat - "With the exception of the red glowing eyes and Satanic powers."

Todd - "I am not sure how those would make him a better fighter."

Cat -Raising her hands in defeat and going for more coffee.

Todd - yelling after her, "Make sure you tell you friend the only vulnerability the horse has is it's back. So if hell hound attacks have it grab the back of the horses neck like a cougar would."

end of morning discussion about hell hounds. ;-)

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meljean said...

I did something really bad to a hellhound (and he was a good dog) and got away with it (with the editor, at least. Not sure yet about readers). I say, go for it :D

Jaye said...

LOL Cat! How did I forget to add you to my post on crit partners? Maybe because you're more like my mother, than a cp.

Cat- email: Are you writing?

Me- email: ::no reply.:: (but much guilt)

Cat - email#2: So how's the writing going, goober?

Me - reply: Don't you ever stop nagging?

Cat - No. Write! Did you hear about this publisher/contest/agent? Send them something! Write! Send me something! nagnagnag.

Me - reply: okay, this is what I have ::attachment added::

Cat- Rocking! Is is good! Why aren't you finished??! Write some more! Are you writing? What are you doing now? Is it writing? Why aren't you writing? Send me more. Oh, and Tod says ::argument of logic follows in which Tod points out flaws in logistics, choreography, terminology, etc, in sample sent, (like the above dog/horse take down):: Now write some more!

And speaking of nagging. Please woman, do not tell me you're taking up residence here on my blog! I need some place to hide from you. ;-p

btw, tell Tod I said thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind.

btw, yes, I'm going to go write.

In a minute.

Jaye said...

Thanks Meljean, you give me hope. ;-) I'm not going to have a prolonged gory scene, to be honest, I think the quicksand will get the horse before the hellhound does, but I do want the hounds to be a very *real* threat.

Anonymous said...

Cat - What was that? You want me to move in?

Cat grabs her trunks and heads through the front door. She drops her trunks in the living room and starts exploring. In the kitchen she makes herself a cup of chai tea and then wonders into the office.

Cat - Nice place. I think I'll like it here. What's for breakfast. How many pages did you get done today?


Chaoscat Writing as Samantha Storm -
Eye of the Storm - Available Now!
Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe - coming Dec. '06 NCP
Butterscotch Martini Girls Blog-

Jaye said...

::Jaye looks up the number for witness protection, hoping they have a subsidiary program--writer protection::


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