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Friday, September 01, 2006

Bought it today. (Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)
Unfortunately, will not be reading it right away, I'm still reading 30 Days of Nights (Kick. Ass.) and need to clear the reading palate before jumping into another vamp book.

AAR Review of Lover Awakened

**updated, more posts on Ward's latest release:

Sybil Has got a huge J.R.Ward/Lover Awaken Party Thing giong on on her blog. Including a Q&A with J.R.Ward and a spoiler thread. (I picked this up Sept 5/06, just scroll down for the previous posts).
Paperback Reader's review.
Dana's review.
Tara Marie's review.
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raine said...

Is it out ALREADY??
I thought it wasn't due out for another week! Shit!!
(Raine, rapidly revising weekend schedule for trip to bookstore...)

Karen Scott said...

I just read the AAR review, I have to say, the plot appeals to me despite my refusal to go there. I may just have to add this to my Amazon wishlist. Yes, I'm always prepared to read out of order. *g*

Jaye said...

Raine, the street date is Tuesday (5th). I've been stalking the bookstore aisles for the past week, and went to a romance friendly bookstore on Thursday. The manager (reads Romantic Times and ebooks!) said I was the 4th person that day so far who'd come in looking for the book and as we stood there chatting, another lady came up asking for it. lol. Anywho, the manager said the book was in yet, but.... she did say she was in the middle of unpacking a bunch of boxes and I noticed she brought a couple of books (that were on hold) up to the cashier. I left with the promise of coming back on Tuesday, but when I got home, I tought about all those people coming in asking for the book and decided the best thing to do was go in and pay in advance to hold a copy..... but when I went in the next morning... there it was on the shelf!! The copies must in one of the boxes she unpacked after I left! ::giddy::

Jaye said...

Karen, I can't say I'm as anamoured of Zsadist the way a lot of people are (I didn't fully buy how 'bad' or dangerous he was because I felt I was more being 'told' by the author or other characters, than by seeing it myself. None of the scenes that were suppose to show me he was so soulless/bad, didn't make him seem worse than any of the other brothers.

Having said that, I think this is a rockin series. I love the world building, love the brother's interaction with each other. There's a very cinematic quality to Ward's writing, where certain scenes come across like you're watching a movie.

As for reading out of order, I think you'll be find. For the most part the books are stand alones, imo.

Sasha White said...

It's still not on shelves here! Whaaa!!! I've been stalking too. LOL

Jaye said...

Sasha/Raine: You know what? I think those books are in the backroom of most bookstores. Think about it, the street date is Sept 5, the day after the Labour Day weekend. How can they not have gotten shipped yet? Luckily the store I went to, the manager wanted to unpack the 200 boxes of new books she recieved before the weekend.

raine said...

Well, if you're right, they're not giving 'em up here. :-(

I went to the store & ASKED for the bloody thing.
"Not available yet."
Commie bastards...

Jaye said...

Raine, tell them to git their lazy butts in the backroom and unpack your damn book!! *g*

(Please, please booksellers, the above was tongue in cheek, I *know* you guys aren't lazy. And I realize there's all sorts of rules as to why/when you can shelve a book)

Thursday afternoon, my bookstore manager told me uncategorically that she didn't have it, and the release wasn't until Tuesday. (She didn't even mention the *possibility* that it could be in the shipment of books she was unpacking, even after I said I was hoping it was in the back, just not on the shelves yet.) But when I went back to the store on my coffee break bright and early the next morning, there were the copies on the shelf. Go figure. You'll probably end up reading it before me. I just can't read paranormals back to back.

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