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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well, not really an excerpt. As you'd guess from my non too subtle hinting, I entered the Romance Junkie's contest. Not with any real thought of winning, just needed to *do* something to get out of my writing funk.

Anywho, now that voting is closed, take a peak at this first draft if you'd like. I've tweaked it since and some of the awkwardness (and hopefully most of the typos) is now gone. Considering it's only the first 25 pages, I'm still happy with the world building/pacing.

I entered under the title Kiss Cursed (real working title: The Lost), but for some reason they changed it to The Cursed Kiss.

Gotta run, just came back from the gym and now I'm heading downtown for an appointment and some errands.

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raine said...

Ohhh! Jaq--was that you?? ;-)

Jordan Summers said...

Glad that you propelled yourself out of stuck mode. :D Have they announced the winner? If not, fingers and toes crossed. :)

Jaye said...

Yes, Miss Puritan, er innocence, that was me. ;-)

Jaye said...

Jordan, it didn't administer the kick in the pants I needed, more like annoying pokes in the back. lol. But, baby steps, right? I have a Quickpad, and that entry (I sent 2 in) isn't anywhere finished, so if I were to recieve a nibble on it, it'd be more a cause for stressing, than being overjoyed. Mostly I was hoping for a bit of feedback, but nada on that. :-/ Seems par for the course though, I have a couple of friends who have entered also and they're received little or no feedback as well.

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