Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tonight's the night I've been waiting for for MONTHS!!

Grey's Anatomy season premier!! And, yes, I'll be blabbering on this blog about it later!!

For your viewing pleasure:

Grey's Anatomy- The Fray music video (highlighting some really great past moments, and some ::scream:: upcoming ones!

AAAAAAaaaad!!! Derek & Meredith - "I Can't Hate You Anymore." Oh. Muh. Gawd. This video captures all those wonderful moments that we, as romance writers should show in our writing. Moments of longing, conflict, drama, humour, need. Each of these moments were pivotal to the plot/development of their relationship and that's why they were so affecting.

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Dee said...

LOL, I'm SOOOO excited! Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!!

Zinnia said...

I've never watched this program. LOL.

Jaye said...

LOL, Dee! I have two friends at work who are just as addicted to Grey's.

We were a pathetic sight to behold today. lol.

Zinna, this is a great show. ALL the characters are so well drawn, the relationships, humour, every is fab. Check it out. Come to the dark side.... hehee

Anonymous said...

I am really excited about the premiere tonight! I posted a trail on it on trailfire.com and would love your thoughts - here is the link - http://www.trailfire.com/seattlecitygirl/trails/12162


Jaye said...

Hey, Miriam, you're feeding my addiction, :-P Great vid, thanks for posting the link!

Jaye said...

I have mixed feeling about the season's opener. After the tremendous high note last year ended on, this episode felt quiet.

(I watched the compilation show at 8pm, and the scenes with Izzy and Denny still made me cry. Literally. I felt emotionally raw.)

I liked the flash backs, but I was feeling disappointed as the hour wound down. Then..... BAM!!! Emotional pay-off in spades.

Just. To. Hear. Derek. Say. Those. Words. And his speech choice. (Yes, I'm trying to avoid spoilers. If you missed tonights episode, it plays at 8 pm tomorrow)

And then the short scene with strong Christine breaking down with Burke? Nice moment, that.

It was like all the pieces fell in place and I saw the larger picture, the way the thing had been structured. Really, really good writing. It was the prelude to the rest.

I caught 6 Degrees afterwards, I want to see how it plays out. Especially the ad exec, cheating fiance and the photog. I didn't understand how she bought that bullshit about him knowing all along it was her. How does he explain having that ad up? If I were her, I would have 'forced' him to wear that ring, if you know what I mean.

And I think that you do. ;-)

Oops, it's pumpkin time. Gotta hit the sack.


Jill said...

I'm WAY too happy to have TV back. All is as it should be . . .

Jaye said...

lol. Jill, I don't know how i got any work done at the office today, seems like I spent the majority of my time talking about Grey's, CSI, 6 Degrees, House, old episodes of Sex in the City, Judging Amy, Gilmour Girls, Smallville.... :-D

Sasha White said...

I loved the GREY'S show. I actually watched it on two differnt chanels and saw two different epoisodes. And loved them. (Maybe it was two hours and I just had my times mixed up??)
Either way, I'm in for the long haul, again. :)

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