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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I recieved this spam latter today. (Sweet Virgin Mary on a vibrating pogo stick.) I'm just too tired to snark. The snark doesn't even know where to begin. The snark would need a flashlight, map, compass, and an astrological chart, before it could pinpoint exactly where to start on this mess.

But here, maybe your snark is better equipped than mine.

Hello Dear,

I apologise if the contens hereunder are contrary to your moral
ethices. But please treat with absolute secrecy and personal. I am an
employee of a commercial bank in England and an
Account Officer to a deceased customer of the Bank (John Framkenson ).
We lost this customer and his family in an auto crash here in England
some years back and his accounts
of US$10,000,000,00 ( TEN MILLIONS U.S DOLLARS ) with us has been
dormant and unclaimed due to unvailability of a next of kin /relatives
to claim his estate.

In accordance with the escheat laws of England, the Board of Directors
of the Bank met a forth night ago and resolved to turn the estate of
the deceased over to the Government having waited for too long without
the deceased relatives/next of kin surfacing and if this is done,
invarlably the fund will end up to become Government property and it is
as a result of this that i am move to contact you. in view of this, I
am seeking for your co-operation and good understanding to stand as the
deceased next of kin to enble us claim the inheritance before the time
period given by Bank elapse.

If you are interested and in agreement with me, please write back
immediately, through this alternative email address piusrogers14@yahoo.
co.in . Be rest assured that it is risk free project and the proceeding
will be share 30% for you and 70% for me and once the fund are
repatriated into your account either in
the United States or elsewhere,i will come down to you for sharing.

I wait for your prompt respones.

Mr. Pius Rogers
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Anonymous said...

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Sela Carsen said...

First an illiterate banker, now a pharmamx -- whatever that is. You're on a roll today, baby!!

Jaye said...

lol. Now that one would have been dumped into my spam file. Not sure how the 'banker' made it into my regular inbox.

What the heck is Pharmamx? I'd rather self-medicate with stuff I can rummage out of the dumpster out back. :-P

Jaye Patrick said...

With all the warnings about this kind of stuff, I'm amazed people are still at it! I think the clue is the email address. At Yahoo, for one, and .in for another. Isn't that the country code for India? The next clue, as you have gleaned, is the astonishingly bad English.

I actually managed to 'win' the Spanish lottery, the Dutch lottery, and the Irish lottery all in one week. Funny, they never replied to my e-mail suggesting they take the fees out of the winnings and send the rest on to me.

raine said...

This is supposed to be a bank employee who wants you to lie, cheat, steal, & be stupid enough to settle for 30%--and this is "no risk"??!

Ok--I'm in. :-D

Jaye said...

Jaye, I think that's part of the reason I was so surprised to see this 'type' of spam. Usually it's an offer to make my penis bigger. lol. That would be quite a feat, seeing as I don't have one. :-P

Raine- you Puritans never cease to amaze....

SFGary said...

You can't trust anybody these days...he did say to keep it confidential and you blabbed! now everybody will want his or her cut of the proceeds.

I am dissapointed that my Desi (Indian)compatriots have taken so long to join the famous Nigerian 419 scam. I would have thought they would at least be a bit more original, I better tell piusrogers14 to come up with a variation on the theme. Maybe $10 mil, a penis enlargement, and free Via^Gr@a what do you think?

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