Gay Haiku

Monday, July 17, 2006

I recently came across this book while surfing. lol. (To be honest, I think a lot of them are just as applicable to straights.):

"I have a boyfriend."
We've been talking three hours.
You are a bastard.

How is it you knew
I wasn't faithful? Oh, yeah.
Bite marks on my ass.

Yes, this feels quite good
Still, could you pick up the pace?
Golden Girls is on.

This orgy is lame.
But I am, alas, in no
Position to leave.

I know you think I
Like it when you slap my ass.
You are mistaken.

“Your room is filled with
Leather and Star Wars figures.
Um, I have to go.”

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From the author's Site:

"This book happened because of a bad breakup.

I suspect, actually, that most books happen because of a bad breakup; one could make a case, I suppose, against The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but secretly I think Gibbon had heartbreak on the brain when he started writing.

It was winter of 2002. My ex had moved out, taking with him the hideous couch (thank God) but leaving the dog (thank God) and a four-hundred-dollar bill for phone calls to his new boyfriend in Canada (because he couldn’t have the decency to wait until he’d moved out to start seeing somebody else, oh, no), and I was alone — well, I had the dog — in our vast three-bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere in Washington Heights. Having learned just how spectacularly disastrous relationships could be from my old boyfriend, I set out instantly to find a new one."
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Jaye said...

Does no one else have
My twisted sense of humor?
Pity. I am bummed.

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