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Friday, June 09, 2006

Erotica vs Erotica Romance and her concern that some NY publishers just aren't getting it.

"And that's the real problem. Erotica is supposed to be FUN. That's the whole point. If I am sitting here getting all warm and yummy reading about some marvelous hunk, I am NOT, thank you, in the mood for a voyage of sexual self-discovery."
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raine said...

What I can't figure out is WHY they're not getting it.
Isn't that their job??!

Jaye said...

Oh, they get it. That's why the spine says 'Erotic Romance' and not 'Erotica'. The market is waaay bigger for the first than the latter. They're hedging their bet that there's enough erotic-romance readers who enjoy the more explicit stories (m/m/f or BDSM, for example. which from what I hear, are the stories that are selling like hot cakes) that they'll be able hook that portion of the market and make profit.

Jane said...

(m/m/f or BDSM, for example. which from what I hear, are the stories that are selling like hot cakes)

I have heard that too. But I have also heard that these bigtime publishers haven't ever read an EC to find out why they are selling. Berkley is doing a good job, but I don't think Avon is. And frankly, I am a bit surprised at Harlequin. I would have thought that their erotica would have been more romance oriented.

Jaye said...

Jayne, I suspect that Harl needs to grow their market beyond the core romance readers/buyer, who are getting older and probably a little 'set' in terms of what s/he wants to reads per romance. Which translates to no growth/no profits. Harl needs to capture a younger demographic and broaden their marketshare beyond category romance--which they dominate but probably only have a sliver of the market re mass market, Historical romance, etc. They're repositioning themselves to dominate or at least be represented in all genres/subgenres. Through MIRA thier doing mystery/thrillers/womans fiction, they have RDI for chick lit, the Next Line for older chick lit, LUNA for fantasy, and several other imprints whose main offerings have nothing to do with romance, this would include the SPICE line..

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